Ubisoft Releases ‘Assassin’s Creed Mirage’: A Tribute to the Franchise’s Legacy

Ubisoft Entertainment has officially launched ‘Assassin’s Creed Mirage’, the highly anticipated addition to the popular Assassin’s Creed game series, which has amassed an impressive 200 million copies in sales. This latest release serves as both a tribute to the franchise’s 15-year history and a special homage to the original Assassin’s Creed game, offering players an […]

Microsoft’s $69 Billion Acquisition of Activision Blizzard: A Game-Changing Deal in the Global Gaming Market

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard: A Game-Changing Deal for the Global Gaming Industry January 18, 2022. In a move that sent shockwaves throughout the world, Microsoft (MS) acquired Activision Blizzard, the prominent North American game developer, for a staggering $69 billion (approximately 93 trillion won). This acquisition represents a significant 45% premium to Activision Blizzard […]

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: A Thrilling Action Adventure Set in 9th Century Baghdad

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated action-adventure game, “Assassin’s Creed Mirage,” is set to hit the gaming world on October 5th, providing an exhilarating experience for fans of the series. This latest installment, developed by Ubisoft Bordeaux, pays homage to the very first game in the series and promises to deliver an unforgettable journey. Originally slated for release […]

Microsoft’s Massive Acquisition: A New Era for Gaming with Activision Blizzard

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the largest game developer in North America, has made headlines as the “big deal of the century.” With a price tag of $69 billion, this acquisition marks the largest in the global IT industry and a 45% premium to Activision Blizzard stock. The deal is expected to be finalized this […]

Xbox’s Design Lab Now Offers Custom Gradient Color Options for ‘Shift’ Series Controllers

Xbox’s ‘Design Lab’ Now Allows Customization of the ‘Shift’ Series Controllers Xbox’s innovative ‘Design Lab’ service offers gamers the ability to design their very own wireless controllers and elite controllers, tailoring them to their individual preferences and style. The level of customization available is truly impressive, granting users the freedom to modify almost every aspect […]

Xbox Recommends a List of Games for the Long Chuseok Holiday: Enjoy Cloud Gaming on Xbox

Xbox Recommends Exciting Games for the Long Chuseok Holiday By Shin Dong-min Cnet Korea Reporter Xbox has curated a collection of games to enhance your gaming experience during the long Chuseok holiday that extends until early October. Whether you’re looking for entertainment during long-distance travel or fun games to play with friends who are away […]

Mastering Party Animals: A Guide for Beginners to Dominate the Game

Monday, September 25, 2023, 3:33 AM, 57 seconds, Indochina Time Party Animals: A Game That Unites and Divides A while back, a game called Party Animals was released, causing both camaraderie and conflicts within friend circles. This game has received mixed ratings and criticisms, but it undeniably offers a great deal of fun and should […]

Rocket Panda Games Announces Worldwide Release of “Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Ultimate” for Multiple Platforms in 2024

Rocket Panda Games has announced that they will be releasing the highly anticipated action game “Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Ultimate” worldwide in 2024. This exciting title will be available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. “Phantom Breaker” is a visually stunning 2D fighting game […]

Konami Showcases ‘METAL GEAR SOLID: MASTER COLLECTION Vol.1’ at Tokyo Game Show 2023

KONAMI Showcases Highly Anticipated “METAL GEAR SOLID: MASTER COLLECTION Vol.1” at Tokyo Game Show 2023 Tokyo, Japan – The renowned video game developer, Konami Digital Entertainment, is proud to present the crowd with a spectacular display of “METAL GEAR SOLID: MASTER COLLECTION Vol.1” at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Held at the Konami booth, visitors […]