The title of “Xbox Game Pass” for July has been released. “Power Wash Simulator” etc.

Microsoft is a subscription service「Xbox Game Pass」In July 2022, the lineup of titles to be added to the service was released to overseas markets.Towards the middle of the same month“Power Wash Simulator”or『Road 96』、“Yakuza”Series 3 works are expected to be delivered. (Image from Xbox official news) First from the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series“Yakuza 0 Oath Place”、“Yakuza […]

The online server is closed but even the single-player DLC cannot be played. Ubisoft’s approach has attracted protests from players | T Kebang

Ubisoft announced today that it will shut down the online servers of up to 15 games from September 1, and will no longer provide related network services, including Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: Brothers “Meeting”, “Polar War Cry 3” and other classic works, but the single-player DLC expansion content of some games will also be […]

Philips Hue Play Gradient Full Color Ambient Light Strip Out of the Box: Dance with the Content! Enjoy video, play video games, listen to music… The entertainment atmosphere has been upgraded! | T Kebang

For people who value life style, if they want to create a comfortable and stylized space atmosphere, in addition to working hard on the details of decoration, furniture and even furnishings, another very important element is “lighting”. Bringing the functionality of lighting, different types of lamps and ways of use will also bring more diverse […]

‘Pol Guys’ sold 10 million copies, now enjoy for free

‘Pol Guys’, which sold over 10 million copies as a console game, will be provided free of charge. Epic Games announced on the 22nd that it has converted Pole Guys to free and has released it for the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Anyone can enjoy Pole Guys for free on PC as […]

Xbox Game Pass June Additional Titles Revealed…

Xbox Game Pass June 3 Additional Titles Revealed Photo courtesy of Microsoft Xbox Microsoft’s Game Subscription Service Xbox Game Pass announced that it was added to In addition, until June 30th (Thursday), it is announced that a promotion will be conducted to subscribe to a PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3-month subscription […]