“Chaban for promotion” Hiroyuki Miyasako’s lie There is no need to sell luxury watches … Even fans were amazed at the “truth of the yakiniku turmoil”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Was the “financial difficulty” that Hiroyuki Miyasako complained about a lie? The problem of the yakiniku restaurant “Ushimiya Castle” has entered a new phase. On January 15, 2022, a video about the truth of the Ushimiya Castle problem was released. It is a project of a talk show “WinWin Wiiin” on YouTube by Mr. Miyasako, […]

Overtake Blackpink “Monkhan Kaen Koon” to win the highest view

Standing 1, overtaking Blackpink “Monkan Kaen Koon” to win the highest view championship Chart Master has released a list of the 10 artists with the most views on YouTube for 2021 Thailand. which “Monkhan Kaen Koon”, a young country singer, the owner of many chart-topping hits still retaining the championship Most viewed on YouTube in […]

Shibatar & Yuta Kubo “Match-fixing consultation voice” suspicion of accepting RIZIN, deposit proposal … “I have to explain”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On January 5, 2022, revealing YouTuber about the “Yahyakucho Suspicion” over the battle between former K-1 welterweight champion Yuta Kubo and YouTuber Shibatar at the mixed martial arts competition “RIZIN.33” held in the open.・ Attention is focused on the audio data newly released on Korekore’s live broadcast. From Shibatar’s Instagram (@jtshibata) “Is this the match-fixing […]

Samart Group launches app Horoworld to penetrate digital astrology business – target 1 million loads

“Samart Digital” or SDC pushdigital businessin full latest releasedapplication “Horoworld” Best Service Applicationforecasting All-in-one to support the lifestyle of the new generation Ready to expand more marketing channels to become the 1st One Stop Service Astrology Channel Highlighting the strengths of forecasting for all periods of life From birth, growing up, making merit until the […]