Comedian Choi Hyung-man Admits to Hearing Loss and Fraud Victimization

Comedian Choi Hyung-man Admits to Personal Turmoil and Struggles By Money Today Reporter Eun Lee | 2023.11.29 12:12 On the 28th, the YouTube channel ‘Latest Olympics’ released a video featuring comedian Choi Hyung-man, in which he disclosed his personal struggles with health issues and fraud victimization. Choi Hyung-man, known for his stint on KBS’s ‘Gag […]

Actor Seojin Lee Opens Up About Relationships with Han Ji-min and Jung Yu-mi

Lee Seo-jin Reveals Relationship with Celebrity Friends Reporter: Kim Na-yeon | Date: 2023.11.27 18:21 Actor Seojin Lee recently made headlines by opening up about his friendships with fellow celebrities Han Ji-min and Jung Yu-mi. In a video released on Allure Korea’s YouTube channel titled ‘Lee Seo-jin, filming a makeup shoot that only takes pictures of […]

Comedian Im Ra-ra Undergoes Rehab for Leg Injury: Shockwave Treatment and Enduring Pain

Comedian Im Lara enters rehab following leg injury Reporter Ahn Yun-ji | 2023.11.27 09:09 Photos: Captured from YouTube channel Enjoy Couple’s video On the 26th, the YouTube channel Enjoy Couple posted a video titled “Revealing the current status of my wife who is in pain after a serious injury.. Surprise shock waves..” Comedian Im Lara, […]

Bae Ji-young Reveals Morning Routine and Family Life on YouTube Channel

Baek Ji-young’s Morning Routine and Stage Greeting for ‘Baek Ji-young Concert in Cinema’ Reporter: Kim Na-yeon | 2023.11.25 16:22 Photo = Baek Ji-young Singer Baek Ji-young’s YouTube channel recently unveiled a glimpse into her morning routine, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at her stage greeting for the film ‘Baek Ji-young Concert in Cinema.’ In […]

Seok-Hwa Yoon: A Story of Triumph and Faith

Actor Yoon Seok-Hwa Shares His Brave Battle Against Brain Tumor Money Today Reporter Jeon Hyeong-ju | 2023.11.23 14:46 Actor Yoon Seok-hwa, who underwent brain tumor surgery a year ago, recently opened up about his current health condition in a heartfelt testimony video released by the Eden Church of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. In the […]

Park Soo-hong’s Happy Swiss Honeymoon Captured on YouTube

Rewrite text Park Soo-hong YouTube captured video Park Soo-hong YouTube captured video [마이데일리 = 이예주 기자]Broadcaster Park Soo-hong shared a happy travel story. On the 18th, a video titled ‘Following Park Soo-hong and Son Heon-su on their Swiss honeymoon 2’ was released on the YouTube channel ‘Park Soo-hong is happy.’ In the video, Park Soo-hong […]