[Taimanin GOGO]Long awaited release date decided!? Detailed gameplay video released!

A game for smartphones developed by Gremory Co., Ltd. “Taimanin GOGO! ” (scheduled for release in the fall of 2022) has released the latest video “HowTo Taimanin GOGO!” Today, September 20, 2022 (Tuesday) on “Taimanin TV” official YouTube.

Game Details Revealed!

A game for smartphones developed by Gremory Co., Ltd. “Taimanin GOGO! ” (scheduled for release in the fall of 2022) has released the latest video “HowTo Taimanin GOGO!” Today, September 20, 2022 (Tuesday) on “Taimanin TV” official YouTube.

In this video, Taimanin GOGO! (Scheduled for release in the fall of 2022), details that have not been revealed so far, such as the synopsis and the introduction of the game’s content, have been released.


The main character, Shinobu Daima, is reincarnated in the world of Taimanin after being in a traffic accident.
Can Shinobu, certified as a Taimanin by Nashikuzushi, escape the world of Taimanin?

I can tell you really hate it.

How to play

Let’s move the story forward!

As you progress through the story and battle, you can acquire various materials that strengthen Taimanin.
From the statement in the video, “Let’s try again and again and aim for the goal,”Orbital elements are implementedI can guess.

Strengthen your character!

You can strengthen Taimanin and equipment with items.
If clearing is difficult, you should focus on getting stronger first.

Grow your abilities!

Every Taimanin has an ability that has a beneficial effect.
By picking up abilities, it seems you can advance the game advantageously.

Get Taimanin!

It seems that not all Taimanins can be used from the start.
Let’s clear the conditions and release the usable Taimanin.

Get materials in event mode!

mode of the eventLimited playing timesIt’s a special platform.
You can get more materials than story mode.

About Taimanin

proud weapon

Each Taimanin has its own special weapon.
Equipping your favorite weapon will add a bonus to your abilities.

Taimanin degree

Raising Taimanin’s rank will also increase the stats.
The upper limit of the grade seems to be the same value as the player’s level.

Offensive power

Raising Taimanin’s rank will increase the attack.


As Taimanin’s rank rises, the maximum HP limit will increase.

a unique skill

Each Taimanin has its own unique skill.
Mastering your skills will give you an advantage in battle.

a mystery

Taimanin has a unique mystery.
Since the effect of the mystery is different depending on the Taimanin, it seems that releasing the Taimanin will be very important.

About the Taimanin organization


You can organize Taimanin to sortie on the stage.
Up to 2 Taimanins can be arranged.


Exhibits the attack power and HP of the orderly Taimanin.
The number contains the equipment parameters.

Taimanin list

Owned Taimanin will be colored, and unowned will be greyed out.
Taimanin can be released from the Taimanin details on the equipment screen.

Nurture and strengthen

Upgrade Taimanin

You can strengthen Taimanin using coins and strengthening materials.
Unreleased Taimanin cannot be upgraded.

equipment level up

You can improve your equipment by using coins and improvement materials.

Synthesis tools

You can increase equipment rarity by combining three of the same equipment.
When you reach a certain rarity, the appearance of your equipment will change.

Why are traffic lights used as weapons?


Taimanin can be further strengthened by strengthening abilities.
get better atRoulette operates randomlyit will be

What is the release date you are interested in?

The official website says it will be released this fall.
But in the App Store“Scheduled release date: October 12, 2022”It has been described as.

It is expected to be released in mid-October.

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・ Taimanin GOGO! “Official site
・ Taimanin Official YouTube “Taimanin TV
・ Taimanin GOGO! ]Official Twitter (@TAIMANINGOGO)

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