Teacher’s Tragic Death Sparks Investigation and Calls for Action from Federation of Teachers’ Union

Federation of Teachers’ Union Press Release

Police Investigate Tragic Incident involving Elementary School Teacher

Seoul, South Korea – An unprecedented incident occurred at an elementary school located in Seoul’s Seocho-gu district, where a young teacher in his early 20s made a tragic decision. Authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation.

Details Surrounding the Incident

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education reported on the 19th that Teacher A, only 23 years old, carried out his extreme act on the morning of the 18th while on campus. His absence was promptly noticed by the school, leading to immediate reporting to the police.

No suicide note was discovered at the scene, and thankfully, no students witnessed the distressing event as Mr. A was found prior to the start of the school day.

The authorities are diligently examining the exact time and circumstances surrounding this tragic occurrence.

New Teacher Under Investigation

Teacher A was relatively new to the profession, having recently started his assignment at this particular educational institution. It was revealed that he was entrusted with the responsibility of being the homeroom teacher for the first-grade students in the current academic year.

Additionally, Teacher A was dealing with a case of school violence involving a student within his class, which further adds complex layers to this devastating situation.

Federation of the Teachers’ Union’s Statement

In response to this unimaginable tragedy, the Federation of the Teachers’ Union issued a statement on the 19th, expressing concerns over the circumstances leading to this incident.

“We have learned that the teacher in question was responsible for the first-grade homeroom and was directly involved in managing a school violence case. There is growing speculation on social media that this incident may be linked to the aforementioned school violence. In light of these concerns, we demand a comprehensive and unbiased investigation, free from any influence from education authorities or the police,” the statement read.

The Teachers’ Union referred to the elementary school in question as ‘S Elementary School,’ with the ‘S’ denoting the Korean consonant ‘ㅅ.’

Furthermore, online discussions have raised suspicions that Teacher A might have been subjected to repeated malicious complaints from certain parents. These allegations, too, will be thoroughly addressed through comprehensive fact-finding and investigation.

Seeking Help in Difficult Times

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  • Youth Phone: ☎1388

Please reach out for support.

Federation of Teachers’ Union Press Release

At an elementary school in Seocho-gu, Seoul, a teacher in his early 20s made an extreme choice, and the police are investigating.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on the 19th, teacher A (23) made an extreme choice on the morning of the 18th, the previous day, on the campus of the school where he works, and the school found him late and reported to the police.

No suicide note was found at the scene, and it was said that no students saw the scene as Mr A was found before the students started school.

The police are investigating the exact time and circumstances of the death.

It is said that Mr. A is a new teacher and his first assignment in this school, and that he is in charge of the homeroom from the first grade this year.

It is known that Mr. Is responsible for dealing with the issue of school violence (school violence) of a student in his class recently.

In this regard, the Federation of the Teachers’ Union (Teachers’ Union) issued a statement on the 19th and said, “It is known that the teacher has been responsible for first grade homeroom and school violence, and there is an opinion that the incident violence at the school was the main cause of his death. It is circulating on social media. In this regard, we demand to find facts and a thorough investigation without the sanctuary of the education authorities and the police.”

The teachers’ union referred to the elementary school where Mr. A works as ‘S Elementary School’ with the English letter ‘S’ corresponding to the Korean consonant ‘ㅅ’.

In addition, it is mentioned online about the claim that Mr. Has suffered from complaints from parents, and the suspicion that there have been persistent malicious complaints from some parents. This, too, is expected to be identified through fact-finding and investigation.

※ If you have difficulties that are difficult to talk about, such as depression, or if you have a family or acquaintance who experiences these difficulties, you can call the suicide prevention hotline ☎1577-0199, hope phone ☎129, the life phone ☎1588-9191, the youth phone ☎1388, etc. Consultation is available.

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