‘Tear gas shell fell on house, authorities must answer’ – Pinarayi Vijayan

Thiruvananthapuram: A local woman alleged that a tear gas shell used by the police to confront the Youth Congress workers protesting against the Chief Minister fell inside her house and she felt unwell. The tear gas shell fell on the house of Sarayu, a native of Shankhumukham. Sarayu told the media that her mother was upset over the use of tear gas.

‘My mother and I are at home. The mother is stressed and has difficulty walking. When I went to buy medicine and came back, the tear gas fell. If something happens to the mother, who will answer? I’m taking medication to prevent blood clots.

This is not the front of the Secretariat to apply the shell. For what purpose was the shell put into the house? Ambulance will not be available at this time. When he lodged a complaint with the Valiyathura police, he was told to leave the room open. The barricade was not mentioned. Why set up barricades in a place where there are only houses? The authorities must answer, “said Sarayu.

English Summary: Tear gas shell fell inside our home; Kerala woman slams state police

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