Thai Life Insurance The broker expects this year’s profit to reach 10,496 million, an increase of 25%.

Thai Life Insurance “Yuanta Securities” expects this year’s profit to reach 10,496 million baht, an increase of 25%, driven byprofitginvestment inA new series of fixed income securities with high returnsup, focussell profitable products canbenefitinterest rates rise reinforceallocated expenses

On December 5, 2022, Mr. Trin Sitthisawat, Financial Group Analyst Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Company Limited revealed that the company’s performance Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited or TLI The 3rd quarter of 2022 came out.havenet profit 2,208 million baht reduce 2.4% compared to the same period last year (YOY) but increase 9.4% compared to the previous quarter (QQ) lower than expecteda little

in terms ofPerformance of insuranceVit has reduced losses. 41.8% VAT Even insurance premiumsnetit will adjust slightly after premiumit fell the following year IncludingvalueusePay higher commissions 5.6% VAT after adding Incentile to the staff of the legFocus on selling products thatThere is a rateRise upadd moreget up

aperBangsuch negative factorsoffset by supportExpenses for establishing insurance reserves for contractsDiscounted term insurance 25.8% QQ make the set ratecontinuedashNet protection decreased from 20.4% quarter 2/65 left 15.6%

in line with rising market interest rates and get a numberinsurancesomematurity Therefore, there was an additional reversal of reserve items. sendspiralexpensesadvantagesaccording to policy companycan maintain the levelbalance QQ can

Thai Life Insurance havea bundleRaijainvestmentgrow uphave grown up 5.5% VAT behindMore income from debt securities from stealing the profitfrom an IPOsome cameadd to the portfolio togetherreturns from adjusted investment portfoliosin 3.5% efrom 3.3% World Health Organizationquarter 2/65

While the operating costs increased. 9.6% VAT frommarketing costsa friendpopRarelationship teamanufacturingnew insurance products

Chai Chaiyawan

in the results sectionRaisutWorking The first 9 months of this yearwhatlike 76.4% of the full year and we maintain our forecastm by evaluating thatrunbendQuarterly results 4/65 of Thai Life Insurancewill speed up YOY a QQ After entering the high seasonbhotlife insurance business cause to expectpremiumInsurancenyeargo addcome incomeup (This is the beginninghaveprofit fromLife insurancewit)

In addition, the companyback to doing sales activities through agent channels, a funnelfinancial institution partners and digital channels to reach new customer groups behindthe epidemic of COVID19 relax

ohbyhe will concentratenohfunsendor New Bus Valueness high such as health insuranceand investment-linked life insurance or Contact Unit

share of profitsgInvestment is expected to continue to increaseas a resultInvest in new bonds that offer high returns.rise fromold usExpected Thai Life Assuranceit will have a net profityear 2565. larrier eg livein 10,496 million baht growth 25% YOY

This is due to TLI Marchinterestingof recoverybody of action results morebothis a sharebenefitof the linebendinterest rates rise reinforceensure that long-term insurance expenses are not contingent on speeding up much and helpingreturnof investmentget betterin that order

Although the current stock price has Upside Rthew 36.1% Based on an annual basis 2566 in 20 baht (P/EV in 1.1x) and the expected rate of return from dividendsanother rail 1.9% Meaning of words: Zheit’s likelyadvicebuy”

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