Thanaphon Nutsetthi, supporting actor yellow-headed Benz driver posted sorry

Thanaphon Nutsetthi, the star actor in the yellow-headed Benz clip cut the front of the car straight Get down and order social apology post behavior that is not impressive

It’s a hot clip in the online world in the case of a hot-headed yellow Benz. cut the front of the car straight Plus, the owner of the car came down to yell. order the vehicle that comes in the straight way to reverse the car until it became heavily criticized which later also found that the owner of the said car is a supporting star who has worked in a drama with a famous channel

Read the news: Open the clip of a hot-headed yellow Benz. Cut straight ahead – come down and shout Found a famous channel star!

Most recently (December 1, 2021), Mr. Thanapon Nuchsetthi, a supporting actor, the owner of the aforementioned yellow Mercedes. has come out to move through Facebook by posting a selfie of himself at home And there’s a car in the clip behind it. with a message saying..

“Waiting for Channel 3 to interview. First of all, I’d like to apologize to my friends and society and parties. that behaves that are not impressive to society And it’s not a very good example. And not impressed with the audience, I, Thanaphon Nutsetthi, would like to apologize to the society and the parties With respect and sincerity.”


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