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[Epoch Times, Medi 21, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporters Lin Zixin and Yuan Shigang in Taipei, Taiwan) An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale occurred in Chishang, Taitung, on September 18, varying from foreshock, mainshock to aftershock, from the morning of September 20 By 9:23, a total of 164 earthquakes had occurred; Chen Guochang, director of the Earthquake Prediction Center of the Central Meteorological Administration, said the Taitung earthquake has slowed down.

In addition, the outside world also noted that the Jianan area is an area that needs to be especially worried about earthquakes. Chen Guochang explained that there are many faults in the Jianan area. There are about ten dense faults in the densely populated area, and there are long and short ones Not all faults have high seismic potential, and three or four of them Will pay special attention; As for the blame why? He conservatively said he could not reveal it, so as not to cause panic among the people.

Chen Guochang added that regardless of whether the earthquake potential is high or not, the accumulated energy should be quite high due to the dense distribution and no displacement for a long time. Therefore, the Jianan area is the main priority of monitoring; the main purpose is to monitor earthquakes If there is a significant change in the phenomenon of activity, it will be discussed whether there is a precursor to a major earthquake.

In addition, does the mountain foot fault in the Taipei area also need special attention? Chen Guochang explained that the fault at the bottom of the mountain is a normal fault, and it cracks at any time; the risk and threat of such a cracking fault is relatively low. If a major earthquake occurs, the brewing time will take about tens to hundreds of years, so there will be no displacement or movement.

Chen Guochang said that instead of worrying about the fault at the bottom of the mountain, it is better to worry about the Datun volcano; however, there is no sign of activity at the Datun volcano at the moment.

Northern Taiwan turns colder over the weekend, watch for a tropical disturbance

Wu Derong, adjunct associate professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Central University, said in a meteorological column on September 20 that the latest European model series simulation showed that wind and water vapor in the northeast increased slightly on the 21st, northern Taiwan. is colder, and other areas are colder in the morning and at night; the water vapor during the day on the 22nd and 23rd Fall, sunny and cloudy in all parts of the country, a few short local showers in the afternoon in the center and south mountainous areas, cooler mornings and evenings, and large temperature differences between day and night.

Before and after the weekend, there will be tropical disturbances or typhoons near Taiwan and the Bashi Strait; the highest probability of the development of a tropical disturbance at 8:00 pm on the 25th is predicted to be 70%, and the probability of the development of a typhoon is 20. % Because it is a small tropical system, the extent of the impact on Taiwan There are large changes and they should be kept under observation.

The 51-year-old building is leaning close to the neighboring building, and people are worried about it collapsing

There is a 51-year-old building in Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, only about 30 centimeters apart from the building next door.. The recent Taitung earthquake caused the outer wall to peel off, and the 10th floor is almost close together. it is suspected that the foundation of the building next door has moved. People are worried that there will be a risk of collapse if there was another strong earthquake.

However, after an investigation, the Gao Municipal Public Works Bureau determined that the slope rate of the building was less than 1/40 and that there was no immediate danger, but the owner would be required to make improvements.

The Building Control Office of the Bureau of Public Works said that in the past, because the building regulations did not dictate the distance between buildings, the distance between the old building and the neighboring house was quite close. In 2014, there was a case of touching . the neighboring house; but at that time, the high government of the city invited an assembly Kaohsiung Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering Society will carry out a survey, and after evaluation, it is decided that there is no immediate danger to the public.

As no one lives in the building at the moment and the owner is relatively simple, the Building Control Office suggested that the owner of the building can apply to rebuild the old derelict, and the Office of Public Works will assist active. ◇

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