The actress took the mobile phone… Mother was perplexed, “I don’t know how to read the password”, and the next moment, the mother exclaimed: The son-in-law is so pathetic|Entertainment| QUANTITY

Actress Lai Linen married her long-time boyfriend Chen Nairong in 2017. The couple would show their affection on the Internet from time to time. Chen Nairong even wrote “10 Quotations of Husband Survival” on the social platform a few days ago. of them is “from time to time I forget my password, because you set all the passwords”. In this regard, Lai Linen really used her face to unlock Chen Nairong’s phone in front of her mother one day, and Lai Linen’s mother could not help saying that “(Chen Nairong) is so pathetic” after seeing this.

Lai Linen posted a limited time post on Instagram, saying that she had told her mother about something before. During the process, she took Chen Nairong’s mobile phone to see the pictures in it, but her mother asked, “How can I see it if I don’t know the password?” Lai Linen replied, “I know (password)”, and then successfully unlocked Chen Nairong’s phone with his own face.

Lai Linen also told her mother, “I set the passwords for all his (Chen Nairong’s) accounts!” Unexpectedly, her mother was dumbfounded when she heard that, and she exclaimed, “(Chen Nairong) so pitiful. “I can’t laugh or cry.

Lai Linen shared in a limited-time Instagram feed that her mother could not help exclaiming “(Chen Nairong) is so pathetic” after learning that the passwords of all Chen Nairong’s accounts were set by her. (Photo / flip from Instagram / @lene_lai)

Chen Nairong’s 10 quotes on life as a husband:

1. Yours is mine, and yours is yours.

2. No one is right or wrong in the world, and I am the one who is wrong anyway.

3. If you show your tongue for a while, you will be unlucky for a week.

4. From time to time forget your own password, because you set all the passwords.

5. Don’t be shy about complimenting each other, it will make your day.

6. I’m picky about food, but I’ll take whatever you don’t like.

7. The heart does not speak for itself, please express it with gifts.

8. Even if you refuse to change after repeated rebuke, you still have to accept it humbly.

9. Even if your location has been located for a long time, you must remember to report.

10. As the old saying goes, Happy Wife Happy Life.

Chen Nairong's 10 quotes about life as a husband.  (Photo / flip from Instagram / @nylonc9)
Chen Nairong’s 10 quotes about life as a husband. (Photo / flip from Instagram / @nylonc9)


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