The all-time-leading LG Ensol, a ‘black hole’ in the stock market… New accounts surge up to 332%

As the general subscription schedule of LG Energy Solution, the first word for this year’s IPO, approaches, investors are showing signs of flocking. In the previous institutional demand forecasting, orders of over 1.5 trillion won were recorded, so it is expected to be a huge hit in general subscriptions as well. Some observers observe that the ‘IPO reflection effect’, which temporarily increases the demand for credit loans, will be reproduced every time the recent IPO subscription period occurs.

According to the financial investment industry on the 16th, it was found that the number of new account openings is increasing significantly, centering on securities companies that can subscribe ahead of the general subscription of LG Energy Solution from the 18th to the 19th.

In the case of KB Securities, the leading organizer, the number of new account openings from the 1st to the 10th increased by 195.5% compared to the same period last year. Daishin Securities increased by 332.8% and Shinhan Investment Corp. increased by 91.0% during the same period, respectively, until the 13th. Individual investors can apply for subscriptions through seven securities companies, including KB Securities, which is the leading subscription manager, and Daishin Securities and Shinhan Financial Investment, which are co-hosts, and Mirae Asset Securities, Hana Financial Investment, Shinyoung Securities, and Hi Investment & Securities participating as acquisition companies. .

As a result of conducting demand forecasting for institutional investors on the 11th and 12th, the competition ratio was 2023 to 1, breaking the record high in the history of KOSPI IPO demand forecasting. The total order volume also set a record of 1,5203 trillion won. The offering price was set at 300,000 won.

LG Energy Solution allocates 10,625,000 to 12.75 million shares, or 25 to 30% of the total, to general subscribers out of 42.5 million shares in the total public offering. As for the recruitment method, 50% is an equal method in which the same amount is distributed to all investors, and the remaining 50% is allocated in a proportional way according to the number of subscribed shares and margin. A margin of 1.5 million won is required to subscribe for the minimum subscription number of 10 weeks.

By securities company, KB Securities had the most with 4,869,792 shares. Daishin Securities and Shinhan Financial Investment each had 2,434,896 shares, and Mirae Asset Securities, Hana Financial Investment, Shinyoung Securities and Hi Investment & Securities each had 221,354 shares.

It is also expected that the credit loan market, which had been slowed down by the recent intensive management of household debt by the financial authorities and the stock market downturn, will temporarily jump significantly. Earlier, last year, on the general subscription day of SK Bioscience, the balance of credit loans at the five major banks increased by nearly 5 trillion won and by more than 6 trillion won on the SK IET subscription date. An official from a commercial bank said, “As the requirements for new loans have become stricter, there is a possibility that funds will flow into the stock market centered on negative bankbooks rather than a noticeable surge in the balance of credit loans like last year.”

Reporter Kim Hee-ri



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