The decision should be known within ten days! Messi is said to have given instructions in front of Barcelona

Paris: Within the next ten days, Lionel Messi’s new club will be decided. The contract with French club PSG expires this month. There are reports that the player will come to Barcelona.

Moreover, the Saudi club Al Hilal has also submitted a huge offer. Messi wants to return to Barca. But La Liga’s financial rules need to be changed. Fans are hoping that Messi will return. Barça coach Xavi is also confident about this.

But Barca have not made a single offer to Messi yet. In this situation, the reports coming out now say that Messi has clarified one thing in front of Barça. There are reports that Messi has informed Barca that they need to make a decision on his case within 10 days. Messi has also informed Barca that he wants to come to Barca.

🚨⏳ Leo Messi has given FC Barcelona 10 days to show him that it is possible to return. [🎖️]

— Managing Barca (@ManagingBarca)

🚨 Barcelona and Inter Miami are working together to sign Lionel Messi. The plan is for the MLS club to immediately sign him and loan him to Barcelona for a final season at his boyhood club. [ESPN]

— Football Talk (@FootballTalkHQ)

🚨 Leo Messi has given Barcelona a deadline of 10 days to confirm whether or not they can sign him. His absolute priority is to return back to his club.

Barça have 10 days to find out if it is economically viable.

(Source: )

— SportsKE (@SportsKlub)

Meanwhile, another report is being published that Messi will go to Inter Miami. That too with the help of Barca. The report says that Miami will sign Messi and then loan him to Barca for 6 to 18 months. Anyway, the football world is waiting to know which is the new club of the Argentine legend.

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Meanwhile, coach Xavi has stated that the legendary Lionel Messi can still help FC Barcelona. Xavi said Messi’s return would benefit the team and he will discuss the transfer with him soon. But Xavi also said that 99 per cent of the decision about returning to the Spanish club was in Messi’s hands.

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Last Updated May 31, 2023, 8:43 PM IST


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