“Husband assaulted during pregnancy, demands birth for military exemption”… The shocking story of a high school mother

Reporter Jeon Jeon Joo of Money Today | 2023.06.01 06:38

/Photo = MBN ‘High school 3 mum and dad that adults don’t know’

The story of a high school mother who became a shaman after divorcing her ex-husband hit the airwaves.

On the MBN program ‘High School Mom and Dad 3 Adults Don’t Know’, which was broadcast on the 31st of last month, high school mother Kim Soo-bin appeared and confessed the story of raising two young sons alone.

At the age of 17, Kim Soo-bin met her older boyfriend, Mr. A, through chat, and ran away from home and started living together. I had my first pregnancy in two months, but I miscarried, and immediately got pregnant again and held my first child in my arms.

However, during Kim Soo-bin’s pregnancy, Mr. A had extravagances, such as buying a new computer for playing games. Eventually, he quit his job at the factory and immersed himself in the game. Kim Soo-bin became angry, saying, “Go refund the computer immediately. You’re crazy,” but Mr. A attacked his pregnant wife, saying, “Am I being ridiculous ? Are you campaigning for being pregnant?”

Mr. did not change. And even after that. They did not take care of the baby and only played games, and when Kim Soo-bin became pregnant with the second child, she even begged, saying, “They say, if you have a second child , you don’t have to go. to the army. Let’s have a baby.”

/Photo = MBN ‘High school 3 mum and dad that adults don’t know’

Mr A, who was a credit delinquent, also made his wife a credit delinquent by not paying the mobile phone bill under Kim Soo-bin’s name and not repaying the high interest loan. In the end, Kim Soo-bin chose to divorce right before giving birth to her second child.

She said, “I lived apart from my ex-husband since my second full term, and divorced my first one when I was 4 years old. It took a long time because they didn’t divorce because of the child support received,” she confessed .

Kim Soo-bin admitted that he started the second act of his life as a shaman. He said, “What I do is a shaman, a disciple who has been in love for 6 months. Originally, until 6 months ago, I was an ordinary office worker who was no different from other people. But on at the time, i was dreaming of many people around me being hurt or having accidents. in fact, i was dreaming and knowing me It was very painful. It was a situation where I had to accept God, so I accepted God,” he explained.

“Until now, I have been carrying this burden alone, but my parents don’t know yet,” she said.

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