The degree of fit of the presidential candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon 30.6%, Jae-Myung Lee 26.2%, out of the margin of error

Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol (left) and Gyeonggi Governor Jae-myung Lee. yunhap news

Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, the leader of the People’s Power, regained his approval rating in the 30% range, surpassing Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, again within a week.

As a result of the Korean Social Opinion Research Institute (KSOI) asking 1007 people aged 18 and over nationwide on the 13th to 14th about their suitability for the next presidential election at the request of TBS, former President Yoon received 30.6%, and this governor (26.2%) was within the margin of error. out ahead

Compared to last week’s survey, former President Yoon rose by 2.3 percentage points and the branch office fell by 2.2 percentage points, widening the gap between the two candidates to 4.4 percentage points. In last week’s presidential candidate suitability, Governor Lee scored 28.4%, leading Yoon by 0.1 percentage point (28.3%).

Former Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon maintained third place with 12.9 percent. People’s Power Rep. Hong Jun-pyo (7.3%), former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae (4.0%), People’s Power former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min (3.4%), People’s Party Chairman Ahn Cheol-su (2.4%), former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun (1.8%), Former Jeju-do governor Won Hee-ryong (1.6%) was followed.

A poll on the suitability of the next presidential candidate.  Provided by Korea Social Opinion Research InstituteA poll on the suitability of the next presidential candidate. Provided by Korea Social Opinion Research Institute
In terms of the degree of suitability for the next presidential candidate in the progressive right, Lee Jae-myung (27.3%), Lee Nak-yeon (18.9%), Chu Mi-ae (5.7%), Shim Sang-jeong (5.2%), Park Yong-jin (5.1%), and Jeong Sye-kyun (3.5%) were in that order.

In the conservative circle, the candidates were Yoon Seok-yeol (26.7%), Hong Jun-pyo (16.6%), Yoo Seung-min (11.4%), Choi Jae-hyeong (6.7%), Ahn Cheol-soo (5.1%), and Won Hee-ryong (4.9%).

In a survey asking about the nature of the next presidential election, 51.7% of respondents said that ‘opposition candidates should be elected for regime change’, while 41.4% said ‘a ruling party candidate should be elected to re-create government’.

The party’s approval rating was 38.6% for the People’s Power and 31.4% for the Democratic Party. The power of the people increased by 4.5 percentage points compared to last week, while the Democratic Party fell by 4 percentage points. It was followed by the Open Democratic Party (6.9%), the People’s Party (5.6%) and the Justice Party (3.4%).

The positive evaluation of President Moon Jae-in’s government performance was 40.2%, and the negative evaluation was 58.0%. The positive evaluation decreased by 4.3 percentage points and the negative evaluation increased by 6.3 percentage points, widening the gap to 17.8 percentage points.

The sampling error of this survey is ±3.1 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. For more information, please refer to the Central Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee.


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