The director of the film “Red Agent” begins: this is not a spy film in the traditional sense_Zhang Zhe_Video_Ceremony

Original title: Director of the film “Red Agent”: This is not a spy film in the traditional sense

Sohu Entertainment News (Shan Jin / Wen Video / Ke Ming) The hot-blooded spy film “Red Agent” held a launch ceremony on September 21. Director Zhang Zhe, producers Sun Kaikai, Wang Weiguang, main producers Wang Yi, Liu Enshang, There were producers Penguin Film and TV Yao Ling, Yu Deshu, and special guest Xu Yuanxiang attended the event.

“Agent Coch” takes the 1940s as the background and focuses on Lin Xi, a secret agent lurking in the midst of the enemy, showing the interconnected social ecology during the war, as well as the complexity and excitement of our party’s hidden front. At the launch ceremony, the film also released its first concept poster.

Director Zhang Zhe said in his speech at the launch ceremony, “”Red Agent” is not a spy war film in the traditional sense, it is more like the beginning of a new kind of film transformation. Mixed with love and brotherhood, it’ n outline the growth process of a generation of revolutionaries in that turbulent period, as well as their ideal beliefs and choices.”

“Agent Red” is reported to have been submitted by Tencent Video and selected to the Guangdong Provincial Original Network Audiovisual Quality Project Library, and will be launched as Tencent Video’s key red-themed film and television project in 2023. It is expected to’ the film starts in October.Return to Sohu, see more


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