The famous page revealed that the additional actress eats male stars, creates a hole account, captures the conversation, sends the news herself.

Recently, a secret that many people wonder who can not be kept completely when the page “Entertainment News Channel 8” comes out.more developingthat this woman used to be a famous couple Now the men in the industry are expanding because she likes to be a friend and then she set herself on a man Going to find out.. this girl is righteousAdditionalIn a few plays and intermittent mv play, ask if it’s popular? Work in the industry, nobody knows, but people, eh, eh.. ohscandal For example, litigation news, lawsuits against ex-lovers, likes to direct, chat with young men. And there has been news about her chatting with men in the industry for a while. Recently, I tried to call an ex-boyfriend of a young country singer. And try to flirt with new generation stars too!!! Let’s say, let’s see if this extra woman actually talks or eats……

Back in the morning (11 November 2022) Popular page: Je Moi 108 go outdevelop heroismpick frompuzzle girlOne who is so hungry for light that he is willing to do whatever it takes to give himself a scene. He also pretends to be close to Jem Moi. Until Jake obliged strongly, saying, “A gibbon will starve for light. Trying to get close to celebrities and celebrities and forcing their wives… Maybe he didn’t care if that person had a girlfriend. Or is there an owner? I like to go to Pontana which is close with Je Moi. Sometimes she created an account to send news about herself and men to other media. She probably didn’t know that. The men in the industry stretched in succession. The main character has a very dark skin colour. The new hero of the agricultural channel he is friends But she flirts Tienian as FC He tried to have a scene as a third person, a couple of stars, came around once.

Many people have complained about her behaviour. Because I think I’m close I’m sorry.. Close is that we’ve met, talked together, etc. But this is her face, I haven’t seen her yet. When did you speak? Oh..or used to fake a hole account. That’s not a close call.. So handsome!!

I’m not familiar with anyone. So lonely.. I want to be alone!! Oh…with love, #Iphimi, James’ lawyer, Tum Wai’s lawyer” and also said, “I don’t care if she seduces anyone. but angry at When are you close to me?”

open the puzzle girl

open the puzzle girl

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