The fox sighed with vengeance, the swan was a step further away from the champion! 5 issues Leicester beat Liverpool

When Liverpool and Leicester City meet, they never disappoint their fans as they are both teams that focus on attacking games and going forward with one kill. Not both backwards But the Fox’s defensive game is a bit worrisome.

The latest in a lawsuit suggests that it was a Carabao Cup eighth round game at Anfield that ended in a 3-3 draw, but it was Red Machine that won on penalties.

In the end, Brendan Rodgers’ team opened the home to a great return to Jurgen Klopp’s team in the Premier League with a slash win. red machine It’s going to be heartbreaking 1-0.

And here are the interesting points of the game at the King Power Stadium.

1. Leicester City’s thick back panel

The Fox team hasn’t been known for their defensive performance ever since.

And from the first 11 darts in the welcome game to Liverpool, their defensive leaders have also lost many people due to injury, making it troubling for Rodgers to face a team that has a dangerous attacking game like Liverpool. Which did not send a spare set to play like in the Carabao Cup football

Especially in the Premier League this season, Liverpool have scored the most goals with 50 goals, equal to Manchester City, while Leicester City have conceded 33 goals in their previous 17 games. More than a team in the relegation zone like Burnley.

Ultimately, however, Leicester’s crippled defense ensured Liverpool’s frenzied attacking efforts were in place and although the Merseyside side had 21 shots, they were only four on target. times and cannot be converted to a door.

2. Mohamed Salah’s penalty

The fox sighed with vengeance, the swan was a step further away from the champion!  5 issues Leicester beat Liverpool

If the Egyptian’s star scores a penalty early in the game, Red Machine could easily take the three. And there should have been another overwhelming score in the game

But then the unbelievable happened as Kasper Schmeichel secured a crucial penalty save from one of the world’s best executioners thanks to Salah’s reliable penalty shoot-out record for kills in the game. The Premier League has not missed 15 goals, the last time it missed a game against Huddersfield in Oct. 2017

That’s it, as if the King of Egypt had completely lost his faith. Even if there is another chance to check the bill in the game But it was as if he was unable to concentrate.

In contrast to Schmeichel, who was like a ghost after saving a penalty from Salah because then the Danish national team goalkeeper saved a dangerous ball dogfight and led the team to an impressive victory.

3. King Power Stadium

The arena will likely remain in the memory of Liverpool fans long after last season, when the Reds dropped their name here in a Premier League game, which ultimately resulted in them winning the Premier League title. the most

And it’s not certain that perhaps history repeats itself after the German coach’s team was unbelievably stinging by The Fox.

Go back in time to Feb. Red Machine supporters may remember that Salah’s goal led the team to take the lead at the stadium.

But it was James Milner who equalized in a free-kick for Leicester before Alisson and Ozan Kabak both made mistakes, giving Jamie Vardy a clear goal.

Harvey Barnes then netted five minutes from time to seal a traumatic 3-1 defeat to Liverpool.

4. Liverpool’s head-to-head

After losing to Leicester, Liverpool will have a league game away to Chelsea on Sunday January 2.

It is, of course, a game that can determine the futures of both the Reds and the Blues against the chance of a Premier League title race this season from Manchester City.

However, the Reds have some relief as it is certain that the team’s African stars, including Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Naby Keita, can play. Played at Stamford Bridge before leaving the club to serve in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Therefore, it can be believed that all will have to give their best in the game of abandonment to leave the club temporarily in the best possible way.

Next, the Reds face a tough team, Arsenal, in the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final at the Emirates Stadium.

And from lessons in the quarter-finals of this tournament that Jürgen Klopp was almost out of title race due to team rotation so hard that he narrowly lost to Leicester City at Anfield, the German manager is likely to make it. think hard about organizing an army Although believed that there should be a rotation of the team in some positions But it probably won’t lift the panel like the game against The Fox because at least Liverpool have another game against the Gunners waiting at home, which will happen after just a week.

5. Lester, the bright path

Since the opening of the home defeat Watford 4-2 at the end of November. The Fox had a run of poor results over the past six years before clashing with Liverpool.

Of these, Birod’s team defeated Newcastle in a 4-0 league game at the King Power Stadium with only one match from all competitions. And it was four defeats, including the Carabao Cup game against the Red Machine.

However, a glimpse of Leicester’s schedule ahead of them can be said to be a golden opportunity for them to speed up and move higher in the table than they are now.

Because over the next five games Leicester have not had a poor game as they will mostly play against teams in the bottom half of the table.

Before having to open the way for the Reds to pay their debts in another league game at Anfield in February, which until that day, the Foxes should have collected substantial points.

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