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The God of Yeouibong! China’s anticipated ‘Black Myth: Wukong’ play video released

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▲ Black Myth: Wukong, one of China’s most anticipated works (Photo Source: Gameplay video capture)

A new play video of ‘Black Myth: WuKong’, a new Chinese action RPG released in August of last year and counted as one of the most anticipated works at home and abroad, was released after a year. In this video, you can take a closer look at the action of the main character, Goku, who freely handles Yeo Eui-bong.

On the 20th, Game Science, a Chinese production company, released a play video of Unreal 5 version through the official YouTube channel of Black Myth: Wukong. The first thing that catches the eye is the action of Son Goku, who uses Yeouibong as his main weapon. In addition to basic hitting attacks, through the battle scenes against multiple monsters and bosses, you can see movements such as jumping by using the female rod as a lever, or avoiding wide-area attacks by extending the female rod to a high place. In addition, the video includes rolling, which can be used to push back nearby enemies or to attack and dodge.

▲ Black Myth: Wukong play video (video source: game official YouTube channel)

At the same time, the part to be illuminated is the graphic with a higher degree of completion than before by replacing the engine. Originally, Black Myth: Wukong was being produced with Unreal 4, but as the title suggests, the video released this time is the Unreal 5 version. In the video, various backgrounds such as a quiet snow mountain, a desolate wasteland, and a lush forest appear along with a snow-capped mountain, and it can be confirmed that the detailed description is alive, such as the accumulated snow being washed away according to the movement of the character.

Black Myth: Wukong is an action RPG based on Game Science’s Journey to the West, in which 30 developers from Tencent worked together. It is based on a story with a different texture from the original, which tells the story of Son Goku, who is known to have died on the way to the West Station, and is actually alive, and the journey of the real Son Goku awakens from the seal. Black Myth: Wukong is being produced for PC and console games, and supported models and release dates are yet to be determined.

▲ Black Myth: Wukong screenshot (photo source: game official website)


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