The government did not allow a delay before completing the investigation into the petition against Jacob Thomas in the Supreme Court today

Kochi: The Supreme Court will today consider the plea filed by the state government against the High Court’s quashing of the corruption case against former vigilance director Jacob Thomas in connection with the Carthu transaction.
The government’s claim is that the case was canceled without even delaying the completion of the investigation. In the petition, the Supreme Court had sent a notice to Jacob Thomas and others. Surveillance had earlier discovered that Jacob Thomas was the director of the port department and that there was corruption in the transaction of buying a dredger from a company in the Netherlands. It is alleged that Jacob Thomas agreed to the agreement avoiding even the technical committee. However, the High Court accepted Jacob Thomas’ argument that the transaction was based on the decision of the Central Purchasing Company and dismissed the case. The state government filed an appeal against this order.
The government has raised arguments that Jacob Thomas hid a lot of crucial information. Earlier, the Supreme Court had also sent a notice to Jacob Thomas on a petition filed by public activist Sathyan Naravoor.

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