The high income class opened their wallets.

According to the results of the Household Trends Survey by the National Statistical Office, the average tendency to eat in the fifth quintile, which is the highest 20% of income, recorded 57.8% in the first quarter of this year, the highest in the first quarter since then. the cases of corona crisis in 2020.

The average propensity to use is the proportion of consumption expenditure in disposable income, and is an indicator of what percentage of the money households can actually use.

The high income class recorded 12.4% in real consumption expenditure growth excluding inflation, almost twice as high as the overall household average of 6.4%.

By category, actual expenditure in the transport sector increased by 77.7%, particularly car purchases by 184.1% and other transport expenditure including aircraft and passenger ships by 119.4%.

In addition, expenditure on entertainment and culture increased by 27.6%, and expenditure on food and accommodation also increased by 10.7%.


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