The Ministry of Health says that cholera has not spread in Kuwait

Kuwait: The Ministry of Health says there is no cholera outbreak in Kuwait. Officials said that the situation in the country is calm and under control, but the Ministry of Health is ready to face any crisis. The Ministry of Health said health and safety measures have been taken and follow-up measures have been taken to monitor patients and ensure they do not spread the infection to others.

A Kuwaiti citizen who returned from Iraq was diagnosed with cholera last Friday. Ministry sources also asked those traveling to countries where the disease is common to follow health precautions.

Make sure you only drink clean water that comes in a securely sealed bottle. The ministry advised to eat only well cooked food served hot and avoid milk and related products.

Meanwhile, the director of Jahra Hospital Dr Jamal Al Duaij said that the patient reported to be infected with cholera has completed his treatment and left the hospital. Officials said the patient was allowed to leave the hospital after the disease was completely cured.

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