The Ministry of Public Health released the results of the study on the effectiveness of all formulations of vaccines during Aug.-December 64 in 4 areas.

The Ministry of Public Health has released the results of a study on the effectiveness of all vaccine formulations during Aug.-Dec. 2021 in 4 areas to prevent serious illness and death for each species. Repeat injection boost to prevent infection.

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Date 14 Jan. 65 Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, MD. Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Announcement of the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccination that Thailand has now accumulated more than 108 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. For the vaccination plan during January 2022, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has proposed a plan to vaccinate at least 9 million doses. S. Now halfway through, we can inject the target. and will speed up vaccination according to the policy of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health.

However, COVID-19 is a new disease, and the vaccine is new. Therefore, monitoring and evaluation of vaccines is important. This can be done in two ways: 1. Blood test to check the level of immunity. which world-class standards do not have a reference to compare And the numbers are different in each lab.

and 2. Measure the effectiveness in the real area. The Department of Medical Control has collected data from Aug. – Dec. 2021 from various vaccination formulas. with both Sinovac AstraZeneca and Pfizer in Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Kalasin areas, each time having different outbreaks of different strains.

Dr. Opas Said that during the month of August, there are alpha species in Phuket, during September-Oct., the Bangkok area has both alpha and delta, while in December, the Chiang Mai area has delta and December. 2021, there was an Omicron strain in Kalasin Province. All types of vaccines and all formulas that the Ministry of Health injects are effective in preventing severe illness and death by 90-100%.

As for the prevention of infection, the effectiveness is quite high. but will decrease over time When receiving a stimulant injection or cross-injection formula It will significantly increase the effectiveness of prevention of infection. thus helping to control the outbreak well

For those who received the lethal vaccine before and the 3rd dose with AstraZeneca or Pfizer. The effectiveness in preventing infection and death was not different. For those who received the 3rd needle with Astra or Pfizer, they were able to block 80-90% of Omicron.

“Injecting a stimulant is therefore an important milestone and policy. By the injection method, there is a formula 1. Those who received the Sinovac-Astra cross-sectional formula during Aug. – Oct. 2021 were primarily given stimulation injections with Astra 2. Those who received Astra 2 Needle during Aug. – Oct. 2021, stimulated by Pfizer.

and 3. Those who received 2 doses of inactivated vaccine from 4 weeks or more. Injected mainly with Astra, which currently has enough vaccine and has spread to the hospital. People can inquire. A hospital or a hospital near your home. As for those who have not fully vaccinated and have a history of infection, get Astra vaccination. Stimulate one needle, but if receiving 2 needles and get infected, there is no need to stimulate,” said Dr. Opas.

For the period of receiving the stimulation needle, it is received in August – Sept. 2021, can receive the booster needle during Dec. 2021, receive it during Sept. – Oct. 2021. Pick up during Jan. 2022, pick up during Oct. – Nov. 2021, pick up during Feb. 2022 and receive during Nov. – Dec. 2021 to receive a stimulant needle. During March 2022

When asked about people’s concerns that if mRNA is injected, other types cannot be injected, mRNA must be injected only, and in 2022 will the Pfizer vaccine be enough? Dr. Opas said that vaccinations will be sorted from dead germs Viral vector and mRNA in the past.

By 2022, the Cabinet approved The Ministry of Public Health has purchased 90 million doses of the vaccine, with 30 million doses of Pfizer, which is enough and reassures us that the Astra booster injection or Pfizer, the efficacy of disease prevention and reduction in deaths was no different. Ask for injection according to the formula or method prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Confirm that the vaccine is sufficient.

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Reporters reported that For the study of the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine during Aug. – Dec. 2021 in 4 areas, it was found that 1.Phuket During August 2021 with alpha, the results of two injections of Sinovac prevented infection by 27% and prevented serious illness and death by 90%. This increases the prevention of infection to 94.2% and the prevention of severe illness and death by 100%.

2.Bangkok Sept.-Oct. 2021 with alpha and delta Two injections of Sinovac prevent infection by 66% when stimulated with Astra. Prevents infection by 86% if stimulated with Pfizer. Prevention of infection is 82%, 2 injections with Astra, 75% prevention, and cross-formula Sinovac-Astra. Prevent 75% infection

3. Chiang Mai During Dec. 2021, with 2 doses of Delta Sinovac, 28% protection against infection when stimulated with Astra. Prevention of infection increased to 96%, Pfizer stimulation prevented infection increased to 98%, 2 Astra shots prevented 93% of infection, and Fire 2 injections prevented 92% of infection.

Sinovac-Astra Cross Formula Prevents 93% infection and 2 Sinofarms stimulated by Pfizer. The prevention of infection was 98%. The prevention of death was found that the Sinovac 2 dose, Astra 2 dose, Pfizer 2 dose and Sinovac-Astra were 97%. 2 doses followed by Astra Sinovac, 2 doses followed by Pfizer. and Sino Farm followed by Pfizer. Prevents death at 99%

and 4. Kalasin During December 2021 with Omikron, it was found that Sinovac 2 needles, Astra 2 needles, Pfizer 2 needles and Sinovac-Astra. Prevention of infection 13% when receiving stimulants, which is 2 Sinovac, followed by Astra. Prevention of infection was 89%, 2 doses of Sinovac followed by Pfizer. prevent infection as


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