The mother is heartbroken. The fire burned the son in Grade 2 at the Boy Scout camp, burns all over his body, 90%, unable to breathe on his own.

The mother Jai will be torn. The fire burned my son in Grade 2 at Scout Camp, Burns all over the body 90% He couldn’t breathe on his own because his trachea was so hot it blistered.

(February 5, 2023) of an incident at a school in the Non Sang area. Nong Bua Lamphu Province Organizing an activity to attend a scout camp for 205 high school students from February 3-4, 2023. On the night of February 4, 2023, an unexpected incident occurred when the students went to light a bonfire. But there was a fire which caused a total of 5 students to be injured before spreading out for treatment at Khon Kaen Hospital. and Khon Kaen University Srinakarin Hospital

Inquiries from reporters to Khon Kaen Hospital about the condition of the injured boy who was burned sent to Khon Kaen Hospital With 50-60% burn symptoms, the medical team of Khon Kaen Hospital cleaned the wounds and performed treatment Then it was found that 16% of the burnt body, no deep wounds, not dangerous. Slightly swollen skin, doctors must treat according to the symptoms to avoid infection of the wound. The procedure was performed in the sterile room of Khon Kaen Hospital. along with oxygen Overall, symptoms improved in that order. which takes time to heal the patient’s own wound

On the other hand, Mrs. Sao, Nong Kew’s mother, 14 years old, telephone interview and on the day of the accident his son had traveled to a Scout camp. and there will be games around the campfire So he asked the teacher how this happened, why is it so much? The teacher replied that she would play Zulu. At that time, another group of students went to light the fire. before his son arrived. but the light is not on So the teacher told the son’s group to go to the spot again. in which his son carries the fire to light it When his son reached the firewood, the fire shot out immediately without warning. This caused the fire to start immediately in this group of 5 people.

As for their children’s symptoms, the condition is not yet 100% safe, still unable to breathe on their own. Because his airway is swollen and he needs a tube to breathe me in. With burns all over his body, there was nowhere that wouldn’t be bruised. That is, about 90% of the burns to the injured, there are 5 people in total, 1 of them can go back home, 1 in Non Sang Hospital, 2 in Khon Kaen Hospital, 1 in Udon Hospital, but his son hurts more than all his friends, person

In terms of the teachers’ responsibilities, Mrs. Saturn that the teachers hadn’t said anything yet, just said that they would continue to help each other, mother. After the first incident, he still hasn’t seen his son. So he followed to Srinakarin Hospital, Khon Kaen, where the doctor took the younger brother to the emergency room. So he asked my doctor to see. the doctor had already given anesthesia to his son But the doctor opened the cloth to see. He saw it was more than he could bear. because the wounds were deep and shallow It looked like it was burning all over. at Srinakarin Hospital

Mr Kanthas Pongpaiboonwet or Kan Jom Palang came to visit Nong Q’s family who are being treated at Srinakarin Hospital. Which is now Nong Dew’s condition still needing a ventilator After the trachea was heated to the point he could not breathe on his own. While 90 percent of the body was burned, doctors had to keep it in a sterile room. along with using gauze wrapped around his body Mr. Kantas that Nong Dew’s family contacted him. so he traveled down to meet The family is currently spending 50,000 baht on treatment and is expected to have many more costs Do yourself open an account to help Nong Dew. And they would like to ask all schools to stop organizing activities by having students light the fire themselves Because of Nong Dew’s example This was the first fire but it changed my life in a fraction of a second.

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