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The progress of the FOREX-3D case on the side of the policy issuer to control the relevant laws such as the Bank of Thailand (BOT) or the National Bank Recently there has been a movement. It has come out to clarify information about the foreign exchange trading solicitation for investing or speculating in the form of FOREX trading and opening up the law on what is involved.

19 September. Mrs Alisara Mahasantana, Assistant Governor of the Bank of Thailand (BOT) financial market line Explain about the news that people are victims of being deceived into investing in foreign exchange. Or speculating on the exchange rate (FOREX) claiming that it gives high returns. But no money is invested or made in foreign currency transactions. and looks like a chain share which in the end cannot receive a refund as follows

1.According to the Exchange Control Law citizens are required to carry out foreign currency transactions only with business operators authorized by the Minister of Finance. and has never granted a license to the general public To trade foreign currency for investment or speculation in the form of FOREX trading on the platform or website (Foreign Exchange Management Act BE 2485 and its amendments).

2. Doing business or participating in FOREX transactions in Thailand, which is currently not allowed, such as providing money transfer services to pay for FOREX transactions domestically and internationally. Offenses under the Exchange Control Act.

3. Persons who are not allowed to operate a foreign currency business but have advertised or invited people to trade in foreign currency. Foreign exchange speculation or FOREX trading will be illegal under the law of lending money to defraud people. (The Act on Lending Money to Fraudulent Persons BE 2527 and its amendments)

In addition, in the case of FOREX 3D, from the information disclosed by the Special Investigations Department, the current legal provisions can be used to file a claim against the person concerned as follows:

1) Co-committing the crime of fraudulently lending money to the people according to the Act on Fraudulent Money Lending to the People, BE 2527 and its amendments.

2) jointly defrauding people under the Penal Code

3) Collectively importing false information into the computer system. which caused harm to the people accordingly The Computer Crime Act, BE

“In this case Although there were no allegations relating to laws that were under the responsibility of the BOT, the BOT collaborated to provide information that was under the responsibility. According to the Special Investigations Department and relevant agencies have fully inquired.”

In the past, the Bank of Thailand has issued a news warning to the public to be careful not to be deceived by solicitations to invest in foreign currency. Or speculating on the exchange rate continuously throughout. prevent people from becoming victims of scams

However, if there are any doubts related to foreign currency transactions. People can ask the Bank of Thailand Exchange Policy and Supervision Department at 0-2356 7799 or the Bank of Thailand Financial Services Consumer Protection Center at 1213 or check the list of authorized business operators Regulated by the Bank of Thailand on BOT License Check to prevent fraud.

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