The new couple of Jin Keng Kwang “Keng Thachaya – Nooker” would like to continue dating.

Makes the fans scream and cheer for the two of them to love each other for a long time.partnerThe newest pair of deer barking Keng Tachaya Pratumwan with singer Mo LamNooker Isan Nakornsilp Went on the same stage recently and sang a suitable song by Keng Tachaya, revealing that feeling “Singing for the first time on the Mo Lam stage, thanks to the organizer who invited me to sing with Nooker. Now we’re going to do a duet. Soon you will hear Many people asking if it is very good with Nooker Jin. since when I would like to say that I follow his younger brother’s work. After having a chance to talk We got to know each other better. He is so cute

Ask where the gin has gone. still in the rangefellowshipLet’s keep talking about work. Consult on work rather than currentpartnerCome on, his younger brother is right, he doesn’t deny it. We’re all right. If something goes ahead one day Keng will inform everyone.” On the young G-Star, the goddess of the industry. LGBTQ attended this show Know that the two of them are dating each other I would like to congratulate each other for a long time “Personally, we are happy to see someone love each other. Even if we’ n LGBTQ too, we support it. It’s now launched. You don’t have to hide like you used to. Who will love each other? Today’s society accepts it. The more I an LGBTQ couple, all couples are great.

Let’s love each other for a long time bring love together Bring it back to create and be a good role model for society.”





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