The reason why Reimer did not send money despite being deceived by voice phishing that “I kidnapped Hyun-mo Ahn” (Video)

MBC ‘Radio Star’

[인사이트] Reporter Jeong Hyeon-tae = Music producer and singer Rhymer has revealed an anecdote about being voice-phishing.

Choo Seong-hoon, Kang Joo-eun, Rhymer, and Jeong Chan-seong appeared in the special feature of ‘Steel Love~’ of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 18th.

On this day, Reimer drew the attention of many people by saying that he had almost been subjected to voice phishing a while ago.

Reimer, who said he couldn’t be fooled by the voice phishing that he had only seen on TV, began to introduce the anecdote, saying, “I got a call with the name of my wife, ‘My beloved wife,'”


InsightMBC ‘Radio Star’

Reimer, who answered the phone without any doubt, said, “The moment the woman cried and said, ‘My brother was kidnapped,’ the man pulled out the phone and sweared at him, saying, ‘I have a wife.'”

Reimer was so startled by this kind of situation that he had no choice but to be deceived, thinking that the woman on the phone was of course his wife.

Reimer recalled, “At first, we had a fight and even talked about what to do with my wife, so I said ‘I’m sorry’. The situation was very scary,” recalled.

Then, Reimer said, “At the end of the day,[the blackmailer]kept sending money. So, I said, ‘I want to send money, but I can’t send money because my wife is managing all my money.'”


InsightMBC ‘Radio Star’

Reimer said that the blackmailer suddenly hung up, asking for a video call to see if he was embarrassed.

When the call ended, Reimer immediately made a video call to his wife. Reimer said, “I called, but my wife was at home,” and fortunately, the voice phishing case was closed.

MC Gura Kim, who heard this, said, “It wasn’t in the manual that my wife manages money.”

Meanwhile, Reimer married Ahn Hyeon-mo, an interpreter who used to be a reporter, six years younger than her in 2017.

※ You can check the related video from 39 seconds.

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