The right person at the right time!! ‘Grace Kanklao’ reveals a new love that makes her dare to open up because she is happy

The right person at the right time!! ‘Grace Kanklao’ reveals a new love that makes her dare to open up because she is happy ready to reveal his true self

A very skilled actress with only quality aura skin, Grace Kanklao with Sienklao. When being a special guest on the Club Friday Show, produced by CHANGE2018, has opened all the stories of life in the story of life. with a new love that dares to open because there is only happiness along with revealing his true self

Ask. New love that makes Grace dare to open up to this person. He has something special.
Grace : Then the prince walked in. He was younger than us. I’m a friend of a friend Someone introduced me to each other first, Grace. I didn’t know that he already knew someone suggested something like this. Which at first he still didn’t like us that much, just came to know that he liked us from a clip on YouTube that Grace sang along and played the piano along with the song if i ain’t got you He saw that and he felt that we were charming and he was a singer too. He would probably like to know, at least if he didn’t flirt, they would be friends. And then we started from then.

Ask. In the past, being older than you can’t go anywhere. And how are you younger than our love?
Grace: In the past, I’m older than I haven’t worked yet. Will younger age work? In summary, being younger is working for Grace because in the end, we don’t like anyone to come in anything in us. We can be ourselves and we. let him be himself Which at first is not at all because we feel that he is younger and then there will be a matter of how we are like we are number three and must we be serious at that time or something like this

Ask, how young is he?
Grace : 3 years, not a lot, but he turned out to be a very mature person that made us feel comfortable. This person never had a fight.

Q. On the other hand, talking about games, they are addicted to games until they have problems.
Grace: 100 percent. He plays every day. One game is about 45 minutes to 1 hour, that is, the first time we called and didn’t answer, we were confused and couldn’t adjust. We had a problem like, oh .. I want to consult my girlfriend like we are not comfortable. We call 12 calls and don’t answer. We don’t know what he is doing, don’t know what game he is addicted to. Calling and not answering. 12 calls don’t answer. Leave it for 15 minutes and call again. Pick up and get a bang. We ask what we’re doing. We don’t know. that he plays games this hard We thought that he was something or not, with the sound of a gun, the sound of it was very loud, it was very loud, where was it? He said that he was playing games. There was something from before playing games in the morning. We still talk about it. Yes, in the afternoon we play games. what’s up what’s up We were like, having a problem, wanting to consult, begging, the second voice came, he told us that we would talk later and then hung up. But when we know he’s like this, we’re fine.

Q: What is Grace’s true identity?
Grace : If you really know Grace, Grace will be a person who is bold, straight, stirring, and talks with not much voice. But in the past, as we have been in the industry since childhood, it must be said because in the past, we will have everything, it will be laid out and will be guided when we come out on the show. Live since the Analog era 18 years ago because we entered the industry since we were 15 years old, that is, everything is not open like today. And we don’t have our own channels through which we can express ourselves. Therefore, what people can only see us is dramas and television shows. It is what everyone sees, what he has filtered is He will see that we are a young lady, a sweet girl, may be evil, but it is a child of a young lady, something like this, but it is not really us that much.

Ask, but even if it’s not neat, say yes all the time, but actually speak without embarrassment. Are we born like a young lady?
Grace: Yes!! It doesn’t know how to use the word Ms. Because it’s not a young lady that much, but it’s ok with a housekeeper, a driver, something like this is normal at home. But your parents didn’t teach you to be that kind of child. He will teach you what to do. It’s like he made plans for us to learn piano from a young age and then grow up to become a piano teacher. In case there is a career for the child as a special ability to carry with me I didn’t think that I would come to work in the entertainment industry.

Q: From being Miss Teen Thailand, you have to enter the industry from yourself as someone who wants to be in the industry like that. How difficult is it to be an actor now?
Grace: It’s very difficult. The first story that he gave us to play, we didn’t play pretty, right? (laughs). We give you a crown to guarantee you’re ok!! People who get this position will have a job like this on the screen. Which we didn’t think about there because we felt that it wasn’t our way and then we studied too and we felt like working, studying, filming dramas, it’s 4 days a week, can’t do it, but in the end, it’s playing. So long until today Realizing again is indispensable from not liking anything like this Stay until we get used to it when we find the right chapter. It’s a chapter that makes us challenging, we feel like waking up at 5 am every day to do that thing. I’m starting to feel that I’m starting to have more passion for it because we signed a contract before, right? Adults let us play something, we play with the fact that sometimes some chapters we have played and have been through and there is nothing that challenges us that much. But as we grow older, the world becomes more open and we can do different things.

You can watch the clip backwards in the CLUB FRIDAY SHOW program produced by CHANGE2561 on YouTube :

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