The Science Department clarified that “Deltacron” is not a new species. Accelerate additional cultures for immunity testing

The Science Department clarified that “Deltacron” is not a new species. The reason is still related to 2 old viruses that can be combined. It was revealed that it was in the process of hatching, while large numbers of BA.2.75 were hatched. Prepare to test with vaccine immunity

On 2 December, Dr. Suphakit Sirilak, Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences gave an interview about the cause of the first case of infection with COVID-19, the Deltacron strain in Thailand in a 47-year-old Thai woman who has now recovered, that we are monitoring the species on a regular basis Medical Science Centers in the states will preliminarily examine which strains they are, such as Omicron BA.1, BA.2, BA.4/5 or BA.2.75. However, the sample will sent for genetic decoding weekly. because of the high cost Therefore, the exam is held every hour of the day, so the results will be reported weekly. If you want to know if more people are infected with Deltakron or not, you will have to wait for the results between 5-6 December.

Asked whether “Deltacron” is a new strain of virus or not, Dr Suphakit said it has not yet been classified as a new strain. Deltacron is a combination of two old viruses, but to be called a new strain, there is no connection to the old virus. like when an alpha enters a delta and becomes an Omicron that has no connection at all Many people encounter a virus that has changed It’s called a new breed so you have to see what kind of new it is . If the model is completely different This is indeed called a new one.

Ask if there is a deltacron culture. In order to test the immunity of Thai people or not, Dr. Suphakit said that we grow Deltacron. it will take some time But will it grow or not? Based on the samples collected from the patient. Sometimes the infection can be dead and unable to grow. having to wait for new samples from other patients As for the bacteria previously found, BA.2.75 has grown in large numbers. The next step is to test the immunity of people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in various ways, how many needles can be injected to prevent the infection When it is clear, the result will be reported.

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