The security guard is not hopeful. Flirt with girls, don’t play with stabbing in front of university Police rush to hunt – news

A security guard, a young man who loves to bite, stabbed his colleague to death in front of the university. After flirting with the feminine side, don’t play with The police rushed to hunt

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On 21 September, 65, Pol. Maj. Gen. Sathit Sadiwong, Senator (Investigation) Thungmahamek Police Station Received a report that someone was attacked with a knife and seriously injured. In front of the university, Sathorn District, Bangkok, rushed to check with the Pol. Col. Kritsada Manawongsakul, Superintendent of Thung Mahamek Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Anan Wongkham, Deputy Superintendent. .) Thungmahamek Police Station Rescue workers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation and ambulances at Lerdsin Hospital

In the scene at the entrance to the front of the university, Ms Anijta Yusona, 30, a university security guard, was short of breath, wearing a uniform. The Veterans Organization security guard is dressed in a long sleeve green hooded sweatshirt. There was a stab wound to the chest, 1 inch long, and one knife wound to the cheekbones The officers initial heart pumping was required. Before rushing to be taken to Lerdsin Hospital, but he could not stand the poison of the wound and died later.

Mr Polsit Lertnapapong, a volunteer at the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, said he came immediately after being notified. and found the injured person who knew he was the university security guard lying on the lawn in front of the institute sign There were several male security personnel to help. On checking the initial wound, they found the shirt on the chest with a knife.

At that time, the injured person was in a serious condition. started breathing So he hurried to ask for an ambulance, Ysbyty Lerdsin. During that time, the injured person’s pulse was weak. so pumping the heart before the ambulance came Transferred to hospital for treatment But due to the serious wounds, he died.

from the officer’s inquiry Security guards, co-workers of the deceased, many of them give the same information and Apparently the perpetrator was Mr Singh (name and surname), aged 50-55, also a security guard Mr Singh had been flirting with the deceased for a long time, but the deceased did not play with him. After the incident, he ran away to the university. Before disappearing, Mr Singh usually goes on duty at night. The deceased will be on duty in the morning shift. Before the incident, people heard the two arguing. He also saw that Mr tried to hug the deceased until such a tragic event

Regarding the case, it is believed that the perpetrator is jealous because of Mr. Caniad. tried to seduce the deceased for a long time But the girls did not play with them after the incident. He has coordinated to seek information from Mr. Singh’s agency and has ordered the investigating officers to speed up the hunt to bring him to legal action urgently.

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