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The seller is hot, let go of the ho! see a warning Not forbidden shirts But let’s be more intimate

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The hot seller “Nong Olive” was invited to understand. Not forbidden shirts But let’s be more intimate The owner is ready to follow. Before releasing the ho, apologize to the customer.

After becoming a news trend in the social world with a hot woman wearing a dress shirt Selling sweets Tokyo, crispy butter, 147 Avenue, Chang Phueak Subdistrict, Mueang District, making it a young customer Parade to support taking selfies, selling well. Some people turn to look until their motorcycles fall.

Recently, reporters reported that On this afternoon (25 Nov) Chiang Mai cultural officials Together with the Chang Phueak municipal officials and the Chang Phueak police station, they went to the shop of Ms. Aranya Aphaiso or Nong Olive, 23, to check and give advice on the sale of hygienic snacks. including the dress as shown in the news

As for the municipality of Chang Phueak Subdistrict, requesting cooperation in complying with sanitation principles in cooking. to be in accordance with the regulations of food and stalls Because previously in social news images may not be adhered to.

They are requested to keep the hair in the baking hood and wear an apron, use gloves, and to keep the distance between customers during the baking time. and during the photo session with customers in order to comply with the Covid-19 prevention measures

while the provincial cultural office expressing concern about the dress that may appear too dizzy Ready to ask for cooperation after this. To have a more intimate dress. but not forbidden to wear a shirt But please wear a bra or a bra that is flesh-colored or less obscene or more intimate. which today invited Ms. Aranya to the Chang Phueak Subdistrict Municipality to make recommendations about this

While Nong Olive said that he is willing to follow the instructions of all officials. After this, I will dress more closely. Including on some days it may be changed to another set. Along with thanking and apologizing to fans who may not be able to see the same outfit.

As for making desserts for sale after this, food sanitation will be followed. which during the talks with the press, Little Olive let go of the ho cry about what happened. by saying that there was no other intention Just want to create colors in the trade only.

before going back to selling snacks at the shop as usual When Nong Olive returned to sell snacks at the shop, he still found that there were customers waiting to buy snacks and asking to take photos with him. But Olive followed the instructions of the officer wearing an orange apron over a red shirt. The customers who wait to buy snacks who have seen the news before may be a little disappointed.


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