The sound of gunfire still echoed across the border. 50 Myanmar soldiers were killed, many more injured.

On 29 June 65, reporters reported the situation of fighting between the Myanmar military and the opposition. Which consists of Karen KNDO. PDF soldiers continue to fight. And the Rang Army is still trying to capture the large Myanmar military camp. At Ukreki Camp, Ukreki Village, Sukari District, Myawaddy Province, Karen State, Myanmar Opposite the Thai border, Village No. 2, Valley Subdistrict, Phob Phra District, Tak Province

The Karen side approached and closed the camp. and shot at the Myanmar soldiers with body weapons and firearms while the Myanmar military fired a C.120 gun Intercepted the Karen side until there was a resounding sound on the Thai side. Since this morning And until now, the two sides continued to fight each other. Such a battle today There are Karen people Two people were injured and came to the Thai area for treatment. Thai Moker House

As for the results of the five-day fighting, 50 Myanmar soldiers were killed and many were wounded. While the Karen KNU side More than 10 people died, about 20 were wounded.

Reporters reported that Myanmar soldiers have sent helicopters to bring weapons. and food supplies to be delivered to the Myanmar soldiers at camp valley Opposite Valley House, Phob Phra District, to send to soldiers at various bases Likewise, two fighter jets were sent into air strikes around the Ugreki camp.

A source from Karen KNU, the 6th Brigade, opposite Phop Phra District, said the KNU side would seize the Myanmar military base today, despite the air strikes.

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