The woman went on a blind date and “brought 23 relatives to eat and drink”… When she saw the amount of the bill, she ran away and the family members were angry and complained: avoid the bill! | International | QUANTITY

A man named Liu from Zhejiang Province in mainland China invited a woman named Zhang to a restaurant for dinner. Unexpectedly, the other party brought 23 relatives, which immediately made him feel dumbfounded. place. (Photo / Return to Sohu)

A man named Liu in Zhejiang, mainland China, met a woman named Zhang through a match, he chose a restaurant he was visiting for the first time as the place where they met. she asked the service staff and learned that the total cost of this meal was nearly 20,000 RMB, so she let it run away. In the end, Ms. Zhang paid for the meal, and hoped that she could share it equally with Liu Nan. , but Liu Nan was only willing to pay more than 4,000 yuan. Ms. Zhang’s relatives became angry because of this, and said they would file a lawsuit against Liu Nan.

According to comprehensive land media reports, a 29-year-old man named Liu was introduced by a matchmaker to meet a woman named Zhang. The place he chose was a restaurant he often went to, and he offered to treat the guests to show his In order to leave a good impression on the woman, I did not expect Zhang to bring 23 relatives that day, which made him depressed on the spot, but he still had the courage to exchange simple greetings with the other party.

Liu Nan and Zhang Nv, the main characters, sat separately in two boxes to greet their relatives and friends, and did not have a chance to chat in detail. Later, Liu Nan went to the counter to ask the waiter familiar while he was in the toilet, and learned about the meal The meal cost nearly 20,000 RMB, which made him stunned on the spot The waiter quietly revealed that the price was so expensive because the relatives in Zhang’s box have taken a lot of tobacco and high end alcohol.

After listening to Liu Nan, he ran away, because the waiter knew that Liu Nan was a customer, so he didn’t say anything. Later, the people in the two boxes found that Liu Nan had disappeared, and he Zhang Nv must pay in the end The behavior was wrong, and he hoped he could share the price of the meal with Liu Nan; but Liu Nan had already developed a bad feeling for the family, saying that he would pay for eating more than 4,000 yuan in his private room at most.Sue Liu, Liu Nan expressed his willingness to go to court, and finally the court believes that Liu Nan only has to pay the consumption part of himself and female Zhang, which is about RMB 1,400 on average.