The young actress cries, is scammed by a famous celebrity, cheated 34 million, said she would return it and finally disappears!

Lily Wanmanee crying, being scammed by a high society 34 million, she said she would return it and finally disappear! After knowing each other for about a year, they trust him and respect him as his older brother. be persuaded to invest in various businesses

It was an issue that caught attention immediately when Lily-Wanmani Ponsavan The Laotian star who was born in Vietnam has asked for help from the page. Saimai must survive After being a famous young man, probably one We have known each other for about a year until they trusted and respected us as older brothers. Scammed more than 34 million baht, said he would gradually return the hundred thousand but finally disappeared unable to contact

Lily Wanmanee was scammed by a celebrity, swindled 34 million, said she would return it, and finally disappeared!

Recently (December 4), it was said that lily Enter to sing Sai Mai page, you must survive. When asked for help after a famous person borrowed money totaling 34 million baht and did not return the money, Lily said she had known this famous hi-so for about a year and persuaded her to invest in a beauty clinic business. But at first, he refused because he was not good at doing business. In addition, he used to be cheated by people in the industry who borrowed millions of baht.

Then the famous nobles came to befriend And he came to ask for a loan of 6 million baht, which he saw was close, agreed to give it because of trust and was considered a brother While the famous hi-so also claimed their be helping to shape them into singers, actors and also saying that they would gradually return the money in the hundreds of thousands of baht. But in the end, the famous high society kept coming to borrow more money. In total, the total amount of money given is more than 34 million baht.

until the last He also borrowed his money again, 5 hundred thousand baht, claiming that he would use it to treat himself from COVID-19. who felt sorry, so he agreed to lend 3 hundred thousand baht, then it appeared that he could not be contacted again In this regard, I would like the page to help coordinate relevant agencies to prosecute. ready to demand that the famous nobles come out to clear the remaining money because he still has expenses for raising children, looking after his family

Thank you: Lilly Nallylly , flow node

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