This year I can also turn 30: Remy’s birthday surprise

A team from the great Mazhavil Manorama family prepared a surprise birthday party for singer Rimi Tommy. Rimi is one of the captains of the programme. The other captains are singer Vidhu Prathap and music director Shaan Rahman. Jiva Joseph will be the host. Rimi Tommy celebrated her birthday with the Super Family contestants. The video is now going viral on social media.

Actresses Sarayu, Rachana Narayanankutty and Durga Krishna were guests in the Super Family. The three joined Rimi’s birthday party. Rimi Tommy said this year’s birthday was special. The singer revealed that she can stay 30 years old this year and will reach 40 next year.

‘There is something special about this birthday. Don’t ask the birthday girl’s age. But let me give you a clue. Rimi says, “This year alone, I can stay in my thirties.”

Rimi Tommy’s birthday was on 22 September. A video of the singer celebrating her birthday with her family has surfaced. The celebration was held at a cafe owned by Rimi’s friend Sher in Kadamakudy. Rani’s mother, Rinku’s brother, Mukta’s wife and actress, Reenu’s sister and the brothers’ children attended the celebration. Rimi’s close friends also attended.

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