Tono was embarrassing, twirling, teasing, and dancing full of carabells. focus on yourself

Tono was embarrassing, twirling, teasing, and dancing full of carabells. focus on yourself

It’s quite a thrill. for the young hero Tono Phakin Khamvilaisak with a viral clip that fans love after accepting a singing job at an entertainment venue and taking off his dance show shirt Until much talked about entertaining the fans

Latest (November 26, 2022) Tono Phakin Khamvilaisak traveled to attend a film ceremony “Khun Phan 3” at Phra Phuttha Luang Building (pink building), Benchamabophit Mattayom Wat School After the event, he gave an interview about a viral clip of caramel-filled hip-hop dancing. Until I became a funny image on social media

Ask about dance moves? “(Laughs) Well, it’s me. I play concerts. And it has been this way for a long time. It’s my vibe. Maybe play a concert we don’t know What have we done? (Smile)

and we take away It’s not about the atmosphere, is it hot? Because it’s hot every time. Nothing was prepared. There is no step on how to dance. because if it is a practiced dance

and tell friends that when he comes to this verse, he dances, which we explain But this dance, it’s a mood, it will come and go, it’s not even what I thought it would be’ n dance movement. And the world today has tiktok, right?”

When you see a clip of yourself dancing, how do you feel? “It’s funny (smiles). Well… it’s embarrassing too. But I’m glad that many people come to have fun, which many people have watched. I know it’s not learned choreography. It has no action, but really, the feeling is fun. I want people watching in front of the stage to have fun with us.

when we play concerts We didn’t even realize there was a camera. We are with music with the spectators who came to see us in that place But with emotions and music it takes us. Which in our head is not going to think if the dance was correct or not Will this dance look good? The word dance does not exist in our heads at all.

I didn’t think it would go viral, I didn’t think it would. From the previous time I went swimming because I have been dancing like this for many years. I enjoy it Which symptoms are unlikely to be caused by any stress (smile), but I didn’t think it would be a challenge.

Or from now on, do you really want to learn to dance? “(Laughs) If you have to go to dance lessons. I have to go to school from I left the first Star House and now I’m ashamed. Shy when the brothers asked the reporter

But on stage we are not shy. We can be anything on stage, but now if we happen to go to the show. People started dancing along. When did he wait? We will start the motorcycle. I saw him call that. Now, adding a key move, it’s fun, and people are happy.

Our aim is to make people happy. I don’t want you to look if we’re dancing correctly, if we’re cool again, if we’re handsome, and it’s not there. Confirmed again that I was not dancing in the right rhythm. But it was spontaneous fun at that time.

because we stomp people see us dancing until it is interpreted as the start of a motorcycle So there are new fans. Followed because of this choreography (smile)”

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