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‘Top 1% dating app’ hacker arrest… Direct threats with member information

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‘Gold Spoon’ In Korean, the name of ‘Gold Spoon’, a blind date arrangement application that advertised to guarantee the meeting of the top 1%.

Last month, we reported that the personal information of 130,000 members was hacked.

The criminal requested 2.5 billion won from the company and even contacted MBC directly, saying that he would report the matter to MBC.

It turned out that he was a developer in his 20s who was a winner of a hacking contest.

Reporter Kun-Hwi Kim covered the story.

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The application ‘Gold Spoon’ that advertises that it arranges a “meeting of qualified men and women”.

They say that they verify if they are in the top 1%, and when they sign up, they have to submit all kinds of data, such as apartment registration, vehicle registration, doctors and lawyers, etc.

However, in September, the operator announced that “the customer name, date of birth, phone number, and data provided by members were damaged by cyber terrorism.”

It is said that various proof documents submitted by 130,000 members when they signed up were leaked.

[골드스푼 회원]

“The fact that an anonymous third party was holding all my personal information was the scariest thing, and I was keeping all the writings and even the deletions…”

Afterwards, a person believed to be a hacker has contacted MBC through a security-enhanced encrypted mail, saying, “I will report what kind of dirty thoughts and actions the top 1% of Korea have engaged in.”

Then, he suddenly cut off contact, saying, “I am afraid of being pursued by the investigative authorities.” In fact, I was arrested by the police last week.

The culprit is a 26-year-old male hacker who has worked as a developer after self-taught IT technology.

Not only the media but also Goldspoon contacted Goldspoon and threatened to leak sensitive personal information, demanding a cryptocurrency worth 2.5 billion won.

When negotiations did not work out, I contacted the members directly.

It is said that members actually gave money up to several million won.

The investigative agency showed off that there was a reason for not arresting him, but he was eventually caught.

This hacker was also a member of Goldspoon, but it was not confirmed whether he was certified as the top 1%.

Goldspoon announced, “The original data has been safely recovered and there is no possibility of further leakage.”

The police plan to hand over the hackers who have already been arrested to the prosecution soon.

This is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News.

Video editing: Na Ji-yeon

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