Top 10 ‘Top Gain’ Funds Quarter 1/23

but”technology stocks“It returned to face selling pressure in February due to uncertain economic conditions. risk of economic recession Expected to occur in 2023 until after the last Fed meeting marked a return to raising interest rates stronger than expected by the market.

And since the beginning of March, the market has been shocked. began to see the effects of the Fed raising interest rates early Until the bank run event in the US and Europe “technology stocks” also fell. But the decline still appears to be less than other markets. Because the market expects the peak of the rate hike to be near.

and when various central banks to take control of the situation quickly start injecting state “technology stocks” are increasing faster than other markets. In this round of investor confidence crises

reflected from “Nasdaq stocks come back to recover faster and stronger Year to date (YTD) +14.8% after last year has fallen by almost 30%, which makes it possible to expect that there will be no more downside hereafter (risk of downside is quite limited)

in the meantime”technology stocks in china“It’s still an attractive market to invest in this year. According to the Chinese economy began to recover and continued to have good momentum after the opening of the country.

Of the factors mentioned above, leading up to the first quarter of 2023, information from “Morning Star Research (Thailand) found the highest fund returns in the top 10 groups “Technology Stock Fund” barn with an average return of more than 20% as follows:

1. Asset Plus Digital Blockchain Savings Fund
(ASP-DIGIBLOC-SSF) highest return 42.19%

2. TISCO Profit Next Generation Internet Open-Ended Fund (TNEXTGEN-A) 29.06%

3. Dao Next Generation Internet Fund
(DAOL-CYBER) return 26.47 %

4.MFC Metaverse Equity Fund
(M-META) return 24.86 %

5. TMB Eastspring Next Generation Internet Fund
(TMB-ES-INTERNET) return 24.84%

6. SCB Next Generation Internet Fund
(For savings through electronic channels SCBNEXT(SSFE) Yield 24.79 %

7. One Metaverse Equity Fund
(ONE METAPHOR) Yield 24.66 %

8. SCB Semiconductor Open Fund
(For savings through electronic channels SCCBEMI(SSFE) Return 24.30 %

9. KKP Fund Type F Semiconductor Hedge
(KKP SEMICON-HF) Yield 22.35%

10. Semiconductor Fund LH Type of dividend payment
(Electronic channel type LHSEMICON-E) return 21.13%

US-China tech stocks return to radar, invest through crises, trust

“Nanmanat Piemthipmanat” Chief Investment Officer SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd. opinion that the general picture of the global economy has a better trend especially from the service sector and a strong labor sector together with the results of the United States Federal Reserve meeting last week have shown that interest rates are likely to reach a peak. Therefore, it is a factor that supports the world stock market. This includes the US stock market. modified in a better direction

In the past, stock assets, especially Growth Stock or stocks in the technology group that are high quality stock (High quality Stocks) performed better than other asset classes. As real yields begin to decline (interest rates peak), we are interested in US technology stocks.

“US tech stocks There has been a steady recovery. From the positive factors of Tech Company’s cost control plan and accelerating the development of new innovations In order to increase the efficiency of the performance, which the Company believes that Tech stocks All of the four sectors selected have competitiveness in the market, and US Tech stocks are the only sector where analysts have raised earnings returns relative to other industry groups.”

Mr. Sira Klongvicha, Chief Investment Officer Krungsri Asset Management I see that we still have a positive view on foreign stock markets which have fallen to a low price level. Meanwhile, the pressure from tight monetary policy tends to ease once inflation begins to slow.

and the likelihood of a rate cut by the US Federal Reserve, making the commercial banking sector in the US and Europe more stable. and has a positive effect on stocks, especially in technology stocks
come back to recover strongly After facing pressure from the discount rate (Discount rate) and higher funding cost last year. until reduced to trading at an affordable level

looking at tech stocks in China The big ones are still interesting. Recommend the share of Chinese stocks 10% of the portfolio.foreign stocks Get 60% of the stock portfolio from the entire investment portfolio. Suitable for investors who can take high risks under the still volatile stock market. and you still need to be careful when investing

However, the main risk factor in 2023 is the risk of economic recession from using a tight monetary policy for a long time. Higher costs from energy prices and a slowdown in the consumption sector