Ubisoft “E3 2023” won’t be on display-turned from “participation” comments to hold its own event in June |

Through the foreign media VGC, Ubisoft announced this year’s large-scale game event “E3 2023announced that he would not take part in it

Following the big three console companies, even UBI will not participate …

According to reports, Ubisoft, which has participated in E3 until now, will not participate in this year’s E3. In an investor briefing in February, the company said, “If E3 is held, I would like to participate,” making it the first company to announce its participation in E3 2023. However, from there, it changed direction to lack participation.

Instead, Ubisoft has revealed that it will hold its own online event “Ubisoft Forward” in June. The company has held the same event several times in the past, and several new works are expected to be announced.

Ubii has canceled several games, but they still have Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Skull and Bones, Beyond Good & Evil 2, remake of the first Splinter Cell, Prince of Titles like Persia Time Sands Remake in development.

Big three companies won’t be participating, what will happen to E3

As of E3 2023, Microsoft and Nintendo have announced that they will not be participating in E3, and it has been reported that SIE will not be participating, leaving the three major companies absent for E3. Ubisoft, which was a regular there, is not involved, and is in a difficult position.


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