Watch out, the US is serious about provoking a hot war with the aim of paying back its debts! | Blog post

The United States disregarded the principle of economic and commercial interests, and maintained a “closed country” against China, mainly banning semiconductors, and two defeated countries, Germany and Japan, ignored the energy crisis and left the Chinese market at the expense of standing in the US camp and interfering in China The great national revitalization process, what do you think this means? Two words: war!

US and Canadian warships passed through the Taiwan Strait, and the US and the West plan to provoke a hot war in the region. Photo AP

US President Biden said a few days ago that the new crown epidemic is over, and that is not enough. He added that if China invaded Taiwan, the US military will defend Taiwan. When everyone ridiculed the 79-year-old senior politician and made irresponsible comments, why not think from another angle Is there any deep knowledge behind the recent unreliable behaviors of the United States and the West?

Ordinary people look at the world with the logic of establishing diplomatic relations between China and the United States 50 years ago, and analyze geopolitics with the concept of globalization led by the United States 30 years ago. Wouldn’t that be a bit stupid? From the orthodox view of history to explain many things that are against “common sense” and “mutual benefit and win-win” today, you would reasonably conclude that the United States is seriously considering using “war ” to resolve existing conflicts; Greece’s “Thucydides Trap” is so far away, don’t use history as a smoke screen. What the United States and the West are eager to resolve is the eventual “debt repayment” of the massive debt crisis.

The start of the war between the United Kingdom and the Qing Dynasty in 1840 is a good example. Mainland economists, including Wen Tiejun, Chen Ping, and commentator Zhang Weiwei have all separately said that this military struggle was not motivated by the arrogance of the Qing Dynasty to “close the country”. Conflict, but the trade deficit between the UK and China is too big, the British Empire has become a big debt boy, the best economic means to balance the hand was banned (the importation of opium to China was banned), so we used the war to “eliminate the deficit” and received huge compensation, and can also attack Chinese territory and get more benefits.

Looking at the first and second world wars that started in the last century, it was also a time when the foreign powers wanted to settle their own economic imbalances, and simply “relied on their debts” once. Wen Tiejun analyzed the current problems in the United States. Originally, when the United States encountered a counter-cyclical economy, that is, a recession, it would print a lot of money, flooding the international commodity and futures markets, and stimulates the value of food, energy, and materials to rise Inflation around the world is caused. As a result, all countries that use the United States for trade and foreign exchange storage will import inflation, domestic capital will flow out, and an economic “hemorrhage” will go to the United States First, the hard-earned money from the world’s factories is exchanged for dollars; secondly, when the flood of dollars causes world inflation, Chinese manufacturers have to push expensive raw materials and spend a lot of dollars in order to start production; third, orders are hard to come by, and the Factories of the world don’t have the bargaining power to pass on some of the higher costs to buyers. In this case, while the United States continues to enjoy cheap “Made in China”, on the other hand, it shrinks its balance sheet in a timely manner and raises interest rates to absorb the dollar back. This is how the United States and Western developed countries “peacefully” solve economic problems that were impossible to solve again and again.

The problem is that there is a “paradigm change” today, that is, the world is changing, and the United States is still unable to “shear the wool” of the “fatter” China. What is even more ironic is that Russia is forced to send troops to Ukraine. The United States and the West have joined forces to punish Russia for “wiping it dry.” One does not feel that it is. Putin falls, the US and the West can have a color revolution and establish a pro-Western Russia’s assets will be shared by foreign powers To create wealth for Putin, and high inflation rebounded to Europe, even the US States suffered.

It is difficult for the United States to solve economic problems through “peaceful” means, and the Western allies are also at a loss. They have no choice but to control the situation. The Opium War. ” Therefore, some countries are seriously “preparing for the war”, taking the initiative to disengage from China, assuming that “after the war”, the United States and the West will start a new business outside out to China.

Speaking of which, you may find it a bit unbelievable, Yes, I don’t believe it either, What kind of strength is the United States today? Did Biden and others think too much?

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