What day is the 43rd Motor Show (Motor Show 2022)? How do I get free tickets?

When is the 2022 Motor Show held?

The Motor Show 2022 will be displayed around the general public from Wednesday 23 March – Sunday 4 April 2022. Interested people can purchase tickets to the event. Or get free tickets from sponsors who attend the event. And tickets to the fair can be used to win prizes within the event according to the specified conditions as well.

Mr. Prachin Eamlumnow, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Prix International Public Company Limited

Motor Show 2022 tickets are priced at 100 baht and can be purchased at special prices as follows:

  • buy at website thaiticketmajor.com Early Bird price 50 baht and event period 80 baht (fee 10 baht)

Conditions for purchasing tickets at Thai Ticket Major

– One ticket replaces one entry to the fair. If visiting the next day have to buy a new card
– Receive coupons to redeem at the entrance ticket scanning point.
– 1 ticket, normal price 100 baht, purchased before the event for only 50 baht and can be redeemed for bags at 99 baht each from the normal price of 399 baht.
– Purchasing tickets through Thai Ticket Major channels Can use to win prizes within the event as usual.
– Other conditions Inquire at the job site

  • Free tickets to the Motor Show 2022 or complimentary tickets Go to register at CAR Buddy.

Those who receive free motor show tickets or a complimentary card You must register for the event via the CAR Buddy by GPI application by downloading or updating to the latest version. for ease of entry

1. Download the CAR Buddy by GPI app.

2. Select the Motor Show menu to register for the fair.

3. Select the menu “Register Admission Ticket” to register the free e-Ticket or Motor Show ticket that you received.

4. Enter the code or press the camera image to scan the code on the back of the complimentary card.

5. The status of the e-Ticket card will become “Entrance Card” by using Stamp at the entrance gate of the event only.

After that, you can show the QR Code at the event page.

View the exhibitor map here.

How to visit the Motor Show 2022

1. Scan QR Code Thai Chana and check body temperature not exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius.
2. Show the ID card of the visitor. and a certificate of at least 2 vaccinations against COVID-19

Where can I get free tickets for the 2022 Motor Show?

1. Complimentary card that the company distributes to honored guests. or car camps participating in the exhibition
2. Complimentary vouchers from various promotional activities

What kind of sweepstakes can I use for the 2022 Motor Show tickets?

This year 2022, buyers of tickets to the 2022 Motor Show will have a chance to win 7 grand prizes, namely:

1. MG EP Plus car worth 998,000 baht
2. GWM ORA Good Cat model 400 Tech, valued at 989,000 baht.
3. Motorcycle Kawasaki W175 valued at 77,570 baht
4. Honda Super Cub motorcycle worth 47,400 baht
5. Yamaha GT125 motorcycle valued 46,600 baht
6. Suzuki Smash 115 FI motorcycle worth 39,800 baht
7. Souvenirs at the Bangkok International Motor Show, total value of 50,000 baht

What prizes will those who reserve cars at the 2022 Motor Show win?

Those who reserve a car at the 2022 Motor Show have a chance to win a Ford Ranger Open CAB 2.2 XL + 4 x 2 HR MT (Sport Pack) valued at 692,000 baht.

security measures Participants are required to wear masks throughout the visit. For more details, please contact the organizer at Grand Prix International Public Company Limited Tel. 02-971-6450-60 or 089-834-8984 www.motorshow.in.th.

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