When will “White Night Chase 2” go live?Pan Yueming: The script has long been there-TV Series-China Entertainment Network

  China Entertainment News Recently, when actor Pan Yueming was participating in the show, he talked about the TV series “Chasing the Murder in the White Night” starring him. He revealed that the second script of the TV series has already existed, which also surprised netizens.

In the show, when asked when the second season of “Chasing the Murder in the White Night” will go live, Pan Yueming said that he will have a meeting with the director soon, and also revealed that the script is “already available” and even praised “the book is good-looking”. Netizens look forward to the show even more, but don’t know when they will see it.

It is reported that the first season of the TV series “Chasing Murders in the White Night” is China’s first tough guy suspense reasoning drama directed by Wang Wei, starring Pan Yueming, Wang Longzheng, Liang Yuan, Wu Wenjing, Lu Xiaolin, Yin Shuyi, etc. The drama tells the story of the captain of the criminal investigation detachment. In order to get rid of his younger brother Guan Hongyu’s murder, Guan Hongfeng uncovered many cases along the way. Many people are looking forward to the second season.



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