‘WICE x SAT’ join forces to develop a Green Logistics Hub to upgrade the level of integrated logistics services

Monday, 06 February 2023

SUB Announcing a business collaboration with SAT Study long-term land development SAT total area over 50,000 square meters for project development Green Logistics Hub Modern warehouses and distribution centers in Bangna and Rayong areas. Raising the level of integrated logistics services

Dr.Araya Kongsunthorn, CEO, WICE Logistics Public Company Limited or SUB
A one-stop international logistics service provider He revealed that on January 30, 2023, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Somboon Advance Technology Public Company Limited or SAT, a long-standing leader in automotive parts manufacturing in Thailand. The objective of this cooperation is to develop the land of companies in the Somboon Advance Technology Group in the factory area on Bangna-Trad Road, km 15, Samut Prakan Province. To be a pilot project for the management of Green Logistics Hub under business cooperation to expand the warehouse business. and complete logistics services

At the same time, WICE and SAT are working together to study SAT’s long-term land development opportunities in the Bangna and Rayong areas, as well as other areas. of affiliated companies With a total area of ​​over 50,000 square meters, it will be developed into a modern warehouse and distribution center in Bangkok. and Rayong province which will bring innovations in warehouse management, automation systems to be used for electric vehicle transport management services Support the demand for SAT logistics services and general customers who are increasingly demanding services, especially in area the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) project. It is seen as merging to create business alliances. by using the potential of both sides to manage with strategies to optimize assets Let’s upgrade Thailand’s logistics industry to grow strong and sustainable in the future.

However, with the company’s expertise as a fully integrated international logistics service provider (International Logistics Services and Solutions Provider), including shipping, air and cross-border freight. warehouse management and distribution of products throughout the country In addition, the SAT area that will be used for project development is considered a strategic location for the transportation of goods. can be connected to the city center The airport and the port are easily accessible. It will make this collaboration able to achieve the objectives of both companies very well

“This collaboration with SAT is to support the business collaboration plan to expand the warehouse area of ​​the SAT group to become a Green Logistics Hub or a logistics management center that focuses on the environment. which is considered one of the interesting businesses Because these days, the world has given more importance to the environment due to natural factors and climate change. global warming PM 2.5 dust problems and climate crisis. In addition, warehouse management and distribution center industry tends to grow. Especially projects located in potential locations and linked to the EEC. With the growth of E-Commerce and industries benefiting from collaboration, RCEP is confident that the synergy between WICE and SAT will create success for the development of such projects.” Araya Mrs say

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