Wife and Son Arrested for Murder of Husband in Vandiperiyar

Vandiperiyar: Student’s Wife and Son Arrested for Alleged Involvement in Husband’s Killing

Police Apprehend Ashira Bivi (39) and Muhammad Hasan (19) in Connection with Abbas’ Murder

In a shocking turn of events, the local authorities have arrested Ashira Bivi (39) and her son Muhammad Hasan (19) on charges of orchestrating the brutal slaying of Abbas in Vallakadav Karikinnam Chira. This incident unfolded on the 16th, when a gang of four assailants barged into Abbas’ residence and savagely attacked him. Swift action was taken by the police, who received crucial information about the culprits and promptly initiated a manhunt.

Amid escalating conflicts between Abbas and Ashira, she had sought refuge at her family’s residence in Ernakulam. Expressing her distress, Ashira confided in her neighbor, Shamir, about the harassment she was enduring at the hands of her husband. Disturbingly, it has been revealed that Ashira and her son conspired to harm Abbas.

On the evening of the 16th, Ashira, accompanied by a group that arrived in a car, forcibly gained entry into Abbas’ house via the back door. The police investigations have confirmed that Shamir and his gang carried out the vicious assault on Abbas. Local residents rushed to Abbas’ aid and managed to transport him to Kottayam Medical College Hospital for urgent medical attention. Notably, during Abbas’ hospitalization, his wife and son appeared to demonstrate concern for his well-being.

Upon interrogation, the police confronted Ashira and Muhammad, who readily confessed to their involvement in the heinous crime.

English Summary: Mother and Son Apprehended in Vandiperiyar in Relation to a Murder Case

Vandiperiyar ∙ Student’s wife and son arrested in case they issue citation for killing husband. The police arrested his wife Ashira Bivi (39) and his son Muhammad Hasan (19) in a case of slashing down Abbas in Vallakadav Karikinnam Chira. On the 16th, a group of four entered the house and hacked Abbas. Police said they received information about the quote gang members and began a search.

As the quarrel between Abbas and Ashira became common, Ashira and her son went to the family home in Ernakulam recently. Ashira informs her neighbor Shamir that Abbas is harassing her. The police said they planned to attack Abbas.

Ashira, who arrived at the house in Vallakadav along with the group that arrived by car in the evening of the 16th, opened the back door of the house from outside. Police said Shamir and his gang hacked Abbas. When Abbas was admitted to the Kottayam Medical College Hospital with the help of local people, his wife and son came to take care of him.

When the police questioned the two, they confessed to the crime.

English summary: Quotation case; A mother and son were arrested in Vandiperiyar

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