Williams F1 “If Volkswagen enters, we will be happy to negotiate”[F1-Gate .com]

Williams F1 welcomed the possibility of Volkswagen Group entering F1 and said it was “open” to negotiate with German manufacturers.

F1 plans to introduce new F1 engine regulations in the 2026 season, aiming for new manufacturers to enter the sport.

The Volkswagen Group, attending the F1 engine regulation development meeting, is strongly rumored to be competing in F1 with the Audi and Porsche brands.

Recently, there have been rumors that Audi will acquire McLaren Racing, which includes full control of F1 operations.

The rumors were quickly denied by both sides, but advanced discussions were made with both Audi and Porsche looking to enter F1 as a full-fledged team or as an independent engine maker for the existing F1 team. It is a well-known fact that it is being done.

The latter is considered an interesting option for the Williams F1, which is currently engine-powered by Mercedes. Many people involved in motor sports at Volkswagen have transferred to Williams F1.

Former Volkswagen motorsport director at the time Volkswagen won the WRC for the fourth time in a row, and now Williams F1 team representative Jost Capito said, “There is speculation that Audi and Porsche may participate. I know, “he told Sport1.

“But the new engine regulations haven’t been finally approved yet, so we can’t decide yet.”

“If that happens, we’ll be happy to talk, but first we need to be in a position to fight ourselves.”

“F1 can only be said to be booming again. It will be interesting for manufacturers, of course, to combine it with a new hybrid engine with a higher electricity share and biofuels planned from 2026.”

“In addition, there are budget constraints, so that the financial side is not out of control.”

When asked if the lessons learned during the WRC (World Rally Championship) could be transferred to F1, Jost Kapito touched on a strong connection with Volkswagen.

“You can get more from other sports than many people think,” said Jost Capito.

“F1 is a bubble, so it’s only good to take in an outside perspective.”

“When it comes to team building and team motivation, it doesn’t matter which series you’re active in.”

“We need to have the right people everywhere, and with new technical director François-Guzavier Dumaison, advisor Willy Rampf, and new sporting director Sven Smetz from Volkswagen, we’re already. I think I’m in a good position. ”

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