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Win11 emergency update: AMD Ryzen is finally rescued | XFastest News

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Two official versions of Windows 11 have cast a shadow of deterioration in the performance of AMD Ryzen processors. Fortunately, the solution has finally been issued.

The latest patch KB5006746 (Build 22000.282) has arrived in the Beta and release preview channel, and solves the BUG that affects the performance of the AMD Ryzen platform.

In previous tests, the three-level cache of some Zen+ and Zen3 processors has even increased by as much as 6 times. Although the three slowdowns are quite important to the game, the actual measurement of many games has the influence of the number of frames in the single digits. But even so, after all, it will make users uncomfortable, and the Intel platform not only has no effect at all, even Win11 games perform better.

In addition to making AMD Ryzen gradually full of blood, the new version also fixes problems such as the occasional appearance of the Win10 start menu after the upgrade of Win11, which causes users to be unable to control, and the startup process encounters black screens, blue screens and other issues.

Of course, the version is not perfect. It is known that frequent operation of the resource manager (such as switching folders) will cause the system to freeze.

For users of the stable channel, the patch is expected to arrive before the end of the month.


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