Woman in her 20s found dead in car buried in snow… Japan ‘2m of heavy snow’

▲ Niigata Prefecture, Japan, where heavy snow fell on the 20th. random news

A record-breaking snowfall in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture has killed at least four people.

On the 22nd, Japan’s NHK reported that 4 people died and 23 people were injured in Niigata Prefecture from the 19th to today due to the effects of heavy snow.

According to Niigata Prefecture and police, four people were killed: a woman in her 20s who was found inside a car buried in snow in Niigata Prefecture, a man in his 80s who fell while clearing snow, and a woman in his 90s who was found collapsed in front of a house buried in the snow.

In particular, it was assumed that the woman in her 20s died of carbon monoxide poisoning as exhaust gas filled the interior of the car when the car’s hood was blocked by heavy snow while warming up in a car to avoid the cold due to a power cut. .

Also, in Niigata Prefecture, more than 20,000 homes have experienced power outages since the 18th. As of this afternoon, 4,000 households in Sado City and 1,500 households in Kashiwazaki are experiencing power outages.

Vehicular traffic is also experiencing major difficulties. On national roads in Kashiwazaki City and Nagaoka City, vehicles were stuck due to heavy snow and isolated damage continued.

In Ishikawa Prefecture, there were flurries of wind-damaged roofs and shattered windows.

On the other hand, in Niigata Prefecture and southern Tohoku, which is the East Sea of ​​Japan, heavy snow of about 2m, twice the average snowfall, has been falling over the past two to three days due to winter-type air pressure . arrangements and influence of mountainous topography.

In Okura Village, Yamagata Prefecture, 223 cm of snow fell, and in Aomori Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, more than 180 cm of snow fell.

The Japan Meteorological Agency predicted that a strong winter-type air pressure would be deployed across Japan from the 22nd to the 26th, and from Hokkaido to the west coast of Kyushu, a cold wave stronger than the northeastern region would hit and heavy snow would fall. .

Reporter Kim Chae-hyun


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