“Xbox One” confirmed to be discontinued, Microsoft will focus on the production of Xbox Series X | S

Xbox One

Although it is not a very powerful console, it is also a memory of players to a certain extent. The previously rumored news of the discontinuation of Xbox One has been officially confirmed by the official response, including the old series such as Xbox One and Xbox One X and Xbox One S are all discontinued , and will fully invest in the production of new machines.

Xbox One

Xbox One

According to foreign media Theverge, they have been confirmed by Cindy Walker, Microsoft’s Xbox console marketing director, that his company has officially discontinued all Xbox One series as early as the end of 2020, and let downstream retailers digest inventory and use more easily manufactured new Xbox Series S and X instead, these two new machines are also better in chip size and hardware performance, and they will not be in short supply.

There are many troubles in production, and there are also many rival PlayStations. The new console PlayStation 5 is out of stock worldwide. The original rumor that the official will stop the production of PlayStation 4 has changed again. Because of the difficulty in production of the new machine, we can only continue to increase the production of PlayStation 4 and increase the production of PlayStation 4. Increase production by 1 million units this year, because the epidemic has affected the production of chips and public products, making it difficult for the company and players.


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