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[날씨] Seoul ‘25.6 degrees’ the best this spring… very dry atmosphere

Many of you may have felt a bit hot during the day today.

The maximum temperature in Seoul rose to 25.6 degrees.

It was not only above the normal temperature by more than 10 degrees, but also recorded the highest temperature this spring.

There were many other places where daytime temperatures were above 25 degrees, so it seemed that early summer had arrived.

However, it’s always a good idea to pack a jacket as the wind quickly turns chilly after the sun goes down.

Tomorrow morning, the temperature in Seoul will drop to 11 degrees.

During the day tomorrow, a holiday, it will rise to around 25 degrees, and the daily temperature difference will widen by more than 10 degrees.

There are places where the temperature difference between night and day is more than 20 degrees, especially inland.

Take care of your health.

Although fine dust warnings are still in effect in Incheon and Gyeonggi, air quality is poor, especially in the Midwest.

It is expected that the dust situation will not be good until tomorrow morning.

Still, the atmospheric diffusion in the afternoon will be smooth.

The dust that has remained for a long time will also be removed.

The air is drying day by day.

From this morning, the dry warning was extended and strengthened once again, and the effective humidity in most areas throughout the country has dropped significantly.

Many of you must be planning a hiking trip to welcome the spring flowers.

Due to the high risk of forest fires, you must thoroughly inspect your surroundings.

From Tuesday to Thursday, it will rain in most parts of the country for a long time.

The weather has been reported so far.

(Kim Ha-yoon weather caster)

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