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Yoon Seok-yeol’s side “Park Ji-won and Jo-sung met, enough to be suspected of meddling in the NIS election”… Park Ji-won “I ate but”

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National Intelligence Service Director Park Ji-won (left) and Seong-eun Cho, former Vice Chairman of the Election Committee of the United Future Party / National Assembly Photo Correspondents, Courtesy of JTBC

On the 11th, former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, the presidential contender for the People’s Power, said on the 11th that he was a whistleblower of the suspicion of ‘indictment’, in connection with the meeting of former Vice Chairman of the Election Countermeasures Committee of the United Future Party (currently People’s Power) with Park Ji-won, head of the National Intelligence Service. It is enough to define it as a suspicion of interference,” he said, urging an immediate investigation.

In a commentary on the same day, Lee Sang-il, director of the public affairs office for former President Yoon, said, “I cannot shake the suspicion that even the head of an intelligence agency may have intervened in the removal of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol.”

Director Lee said, “It must be revealed what happened between President Park, who is a retired politician, and Mr. Cho (Seung), who caused a controversy about improvising a fake party member by stealing his name in the past.” “If President Park is also involved in this operation, It will be the ‘Park Ji-won Gate’ that will bring a huge stir.”

He urged the high-ranking public officials to investigate the possibility of collusion between Director Park and former Vice-Chairman Cho, urging the high-ranking public officials’ crime investigation office (Public Investigation Agency), which is investigating the allegations.

Director Lee said, “As the head of the intelligence service met with Mr. Cho at a suspicious time, sparks could fall on President Moon Jae-in.”

Kim Ki-hyeon, floor leader of the People’s Power, also said on Facebook on the same day, “As I personally experienced the Ulsan mayor election rigging incident in 2018, I am convinced that this case is also proceeding according to a script crafted by someone.”

He continued, “There is no doubt that Director Park was trying to intervene and carry out the second Kim Dae-up-style political operation.” It is like a limb-like relationship that cannot be severed only if it has to be broken with Director Park, such as expressing affection.”

He said, “As the Airborne Service, which has undisputed power, conducts an investigation against a powerful presidential candidate in the opposition party with unclear allegations and circumstances, it will immediately investigate this questionable meeting between Director Park and Mr. Cho. It should be done,” he said.

In response, Director Park and former Vice-Chairman Cho only said that they had a meal together.

Director Park admitted that he had met former Vice Chairman Cho at a hotel restaurant in Seoul on the 11th of last month, three weeks before TV Chosun and others reported the allegations the day before, but said, “We did not talk about the allegations of the accusation.”

Director Park explained, “We make phone calls and meet often.” “It was a meeting at that level.”


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