Yoon Tae-sik, head of the Korea Customs Service, “AEO certification is not an option, but a must”

Korea Customs Service, AEO use case sharing contest… 8 best practices revealed

Hyundai Mobis, the ‘grand prize’ of the independent development of the AEO self-management system

Company A, which entered Indonesia, was in crisis because it could not meet the delivery date due to customs clearance delays there. Concerned Company A informed the local customs office that it was an AEO company. As a result, the time required for customs clearance was significantly reduced from 4.3 days to 2.2 days by applying prompt customs procedures, and the delivery time was achieved.

Company B, dealing with a US company, was facing an on-site inspection by US Customs. However, the burden of on-site verification was immediately relieved as US Customs confirmed that Company B was an AEO company and waived the on-site verification based on the Korea-US AEO MRA.

Company C, which imported a large amount of equipment to China to expand its automotive semiconductor production facilities, had long delivery delays due to frequent import inspections by Chinese customs. However, the local customs audit rate was reduced by a third as the AEO’s Corporate Advisory Specialist (AC) consulted on the local customs procedures guide and MRA benefits. The transport co-operative also found an AEO certified partner in the field of logistics, and the transport process was speeded up.

This year, by using the Import and Export Security Management Excellence (AEO) system, △ reduce the time AEO companies need for foreign customs clearance △ solve foreign customs verification risks through the AEO MRA system △ reduce the rate of foreign customs inspections through consulting by business advisers (AB), etc. Eight outstanding cases of strengthening export competitiveness were revealed.

The Korea Customs Service held the ‘2022 AEO Use Case Sharing Competition’ at Seoul Construction Center on the 7th and selected one Grand Prize (Deputy Prime Minister of Economy), one Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize each, and four Encouragement Prizes through it. screening on site.

As a result of the competition, the prestigious Deputy Prime Minister’s Award for the Economy was awarded to Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. ‘Simple AEO management to open a chapter for win-win cooperation!’ Hyundai Mobis independently developed an AEO self-management system, standardized AEO work, and comprehensively monitored AEO management indicators, and was highly praised for using it as an opportunity for win-win and shared growth between business sites and small and medium suppliers. .

Along with this, △ Gold Award was awarded to Pan Ocean Co, Ltd. △Silver Award was awarded to Samsung C&T △Amkor Technology Co, Ltd respectively. The Encouragement Award was awarded to Hotel Shilla Co., Ltd., Skybridge Customs Corporation, Renault Koroa Motors Co., Ltd., and Hansol Logistics.

In addition, a special award was given to Korea Southern Power Co, Ltd for its contribution in actively supporting the acquisition of AEO accreditation by small and medium business partners.

Taesik Yoon, Commissioner of the Korea Customs Service, introduced the AEO system as a useful way to overcome the growing non-tariff barriers around the world through his opening remarks on the day.

“Under difficult trade conditions, such as rising non-tariff barriers due to the spread of protectionism, AEO is a useful tool adopted by the World Customs Organization and used by 97 countries around the world,” said Commissioner Yoon, who’ n essential, not optional.”

Korea is the country with the largest AEO mutual recognition agreements in the world, and trade with 22 AEO MRA signatory countries accounts for 70% of total trade,” he said. customs clearance in all countries.”

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